Breakers Collection release date revealed, open beta test coming to Steam for SNK Neo Geo fighter fans

The key visual of the Breakers Collection.
The dramatic key visual of the Breakers Collection features the roster of fighters. Pic credit: Visco Corporation/QUByte Interactive

Brazilian developer and publisher QUByte Interactive recently revealed details about the upcoming Breakers Collection. This collection features Breakers (initially released in 1996) and Breakers Revenge (released in 1998), both developed by Visco Corporation.

And both of these fighting games have a cult following, especially among SNK Neo Geo fans. Fortunately, fans of these titles will no longer have to pay excruciatingly high prices for the original releases on the Neo Geo. It’s not uncommon for a near-mint Japanese copy of Breakers for the Neo Geo AES to sell for US$5,000 due to its rarity.

So, in many ways, this QUBute Interactive release makes both Breakers titles accessible to the masses. Breakers Collection will launch on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC (available through Steam) on January 12, 2023. Also, an open beta test will be available on Steam on November 4, 2022.

The minimum system requirements for the PC version are as follows: 64-bit Windows 7 / Windows 10, Intel i3 @ 3.0GHz or AMD equivalent, 4 GB RAM, Intel HD 4440 integrated GPU, DirectX 11, and 4 GB available HDD/SSD space. With such modest requirements, it should run flawlessly on the majority of current-spec PCs.

Breakers Collection also boasts the following features:

  • Team Battle
  • Exclusive Gallery (includes Promo and Fan Art)
  • Online Mode (Casual and Ranked Battle / GGPO Rollback Networking)
  • Online Replay
  • Training Mode
  • Leaderboard

Check out the trailer below, which shows some sweet gameplay scenes:  

Which characters will appear in Breakers Collection?

The following characters will appear in the upcoming collection:

  • Sho Kamui – The key protagonist hailing from Japan
  • Lee Dao-Long – Sho’s rival from Korea
  • Pielle Montario – A wealthy French aristocrat that resembles Zorro
  • Condor Heads – A wrestler that’s Native American
  • Rila Estancia – She’s tough as nails and hails from Brazil
  • Tia Langray – She’s an expert in Muay Thai
  • Alsion III – He looks like an Egyptian Pharaoh and boasts unique fighting skills
  • Sheik Maherl – He’s a swordsman from Arabia and can summon djinn
  • Saizo Tobikageno – He’s a ninja that appears in Breakers Revenge
  • Huang Bai-Hu – He’s possessed by an evil spirit and is also the final boss
Sheik Maherl and Pielle Montario confront each other in battle in Breakers Collection.
Sheik Maherl and Pielle Montario face off! Pic credit: Visco Corporation/QUByte Interactive

Who Is Visco Corporation?

Established in 1982 by Tetsuo Akiyama, Visco Corporation began developing games for arcades and consoles. Visco also collaborated with other prominent companies in the industry, such as Sammy, Seta, and Taito.

But the games Visco is known for include Andro Dunos (Neo Geo AES & MVS), Ganryu (Neo Geo MVS), and Neo Drift Out: New Technology (Neo Geo AES & MVS / Neo Geo CD). QUByte Interactive will also release the VISCO Collection, which features seven games from Visco’s Neo Geo lineup.

Tia Langray blocks Sho Kamui's punch in Breakers Collection.
Expect many heated battles in Breakers Collection. Pic credit: Visco Corporation/QUByte Interactive

Nowadays, Visco no longer makes video games, but they do manufacture slot machines for casinos in Southeast Asia. But fans will enjoy some of the company’s finest work thanks to the Breakers Collection!

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