Spy x Family joins Weiss Schwarz game

Spy x Family Weiss Schwarz

On January 8, 2023, the Japanese and English official Twitter accounts for Weiss Schwarz announced that Spy x Family is joining the game! Unfortunately, there’s no exact release date, but according to the @wstcg on Twitter. Spy x Family is part of Bushiroad’s New Year Grand Presentation 2023. In addition, there are listings for a … Read more

Platinum Frieza next? Toyotaro reveals the truth behind Black Frieza’s new form, discusses the Dragon Ball Super prequel manga!

Dragon Ball Super

The artist behind Dragon Ball Super, Toyotaro or Toyotarou, depending on the translation, did an interview for the Weekly Dragon Ball News! The Weekly Dragon Ball News is a feature on the official Dragon Ball website and is one of the best places to learn about all things Dragon Ball. Toyotaro shares his favorite scene … Read more