Call of the Night anime release date in Summer 2022 confirmed by vampire anime trailer, key visual

An anime girl with pink pigtails leans against a vending machine, sipping on a drink.
Call of the Night’s deuteragonist, Nazuna Nanakusa. Pic credit: Liden Films

The beloved vampire romance series, Call of the Night, is finally getting an anime adaptation! The series will premiere in July, 2022 on Fuji Tv as part of their Noitamina (animation spelled backwards) programming block.

It’ll air alongside shows like Ranking of Kings, Urusei Yatsura, and The Promised Neverland 2.

If you haven’t heard of it, Call of the Night (Yofukashi no Uta) is a popular shonen manga written and illustrated by Kotoyama. Kotoyama previously created the popular slice of life romantic comedy, Dagashi Kashi.

The manga began serialization in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine back in August 2019. It has since been collected into 10 volumes.

Liden Films, the studio behind Tokyo Revengers and the 2016 Berserk reboot, is producing this long awaited anime adaptation. The announcement was made via the release of a promo video and key visual on the anime’s official Twitter and website

What is Call of the Night about?

Plagued by insomnia, Ko Yamori starts taking long walks at night to pass the time. It’s on one of these walks where he encounters an attractive female vampire named Nazuna Nanakusa.

She shows a disenfranchised Ko the joys of vampire life and as a result, Ko decides he also wants to live life as a night-walker. 

As Nazuna teaches Ko the ins and outs of becoming a vampire, a relationship begins to blossom between the two. However, after the arrival of a cute friend from the past, Ko must decide between the lands of the living and the dead.

The cast and staff behind Call of the Night

Tetsuya Miyanishi (Comic Girls) is the Chief Director, and will direct the series along with Tomoyuki Itamura (The Case Study of Vanitas). Michiko Yokote (Dagashi Kashi) is writing the script, while Haruka Sagawa (Child of Kamiari Month) is in charge of the character design.

So far, they’ve only revealed two of the voice actors. The two lead voice actors are Sora Amamiya (The Seven Deadly Sins) as Nazuna Nanakusa, and Gen Satou (Dr. Stone) as Ko Yamori. 

The theme song is Yofukashi no Uta by Creepy Nuts.

Fans often praise the manga for its art style, so they’re hoping for an adaptation that does it justice. Luckily, the official teaser trailer looks promising.

Call of the Night is coming this summer, in July 2022. In the meantime, you can catch up on the manga

Stay tuned to Anime Geek for more updates!

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