Tokyo Revengers manga ending soon? Tokyo Revengers Chapter 208 starts final story arc

Toman Manga Ending
Will the Tokyo Revengers manga have a happy ending for Draken, Mikey, Takemichi, and Chifuyu? Pic credit: Ken Wakui

Is the Tokyo Revengers manga ending soon? It’s been officially confirmed that the manga entered its final arc beginning with Tokyo Revengers Chapter 208.

The manga has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine since March 2017 and it’s up to Volume 22 as of April 2021. The magazine made the announcement of the final arc when Tokyo Revengers 207 released on May 26, 2021.

Before the news was confirmed, anime/manga/light novel news leaker Sneaky had correctly claimed, “Tokyo Revengers enters its final arc with chapter 208.”

In the past, Tokyo Revengers manga creator Ken Wakui has teased multiple times that an ending could be coming up. But until now a climax, final arc, or conclusion hasn’t been officially announced by Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Even though the Tokyo Revengers manga’s ending is on the horizon, it likely won’t come out in 2021. The longer story arcs have ranged from 44 to 69 chapters, which means it will likely be at least 2022 before the final arc is completed.

Wakui isn’t known for taking any Tokyo Revengers hiatus so breaks aren’t a factor. But if the final arc is longer than usual, at least 83 chapters, the final story arc could push the final chapter out into 2023.

Note: This news story will be updated over time with new information.

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How Tokyo Revengers’ final story arc impacts the anime TV series

If the Tokyo Revengers manga’s ending is coming up, what does that mean for the anime TV series? Thanks to the anime, the popularity of the manga has skyrocketed, with the number of copies in circulation doubling in a month.

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In May 2021, anime news leakers claimed that the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 anime TV series was already in early development.

The first season is confirmed to have two cours. What’s a “cour,” you might ask? For those unfamiliar with the lingo, a “cour” is a three-month block of TV broadcasting based on the physical seasons usually composed of 10 to 13 episodes.

It’s predicted that the first season’s ending will correspond to Volume 8: Chapters 66 – 69. Assuming the final arc runs for around a year, that means there are enough manga chapters for ending with Tokyo Revengers Season 5.

Tokyo Revengers Manjiro Sano
Who will protect Mikey’s smile? Pic credit: Ken Wakui

Will Tokyo Revengers 208 lead to a happy ending or a dark plot twist?

Will Takemichi and Hinata have a happy ending? Manga fans have long been speculating whether the main couple will be allowed to experience wedding bliss.

The other possibility is that Takemichi may sacrifice his happiness for the sake of others similar to Eren Jaeger in Attack On Titan. It’s also possible Mikey simply doesn’t want to be saved.

Warning: The following contains major spoilers for the Tokyo Revengers manga’s latest chapters!

Most of the recent manga chapters have been fairly light-hearted. In Chapter 191, it was March 2006 and Takemichi worked with Chifuyu to arrange an extra special gift: an engagement ring!

Yes, that’s right, he proposed and Takemichi X Hina will be officially married 12 years in the future when they have a wedding. That is… assuming everything goes right and crybaby “Takemitchy” reaches his wedding.

Takemichi has completed his main mission of saving Hinata and most of his old gang friends. The Tokyo Manji gang doesn’t evolve into a criminal enterprise in the future, but the problem is that Manjiro “Mikey” Sano still disappears down a dark path where he becomes the leader of an evil group named Bonten.

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The problem is that Hina’s brother Naoto no longer wants to try and change the past since he’s happy with the current timeline. Left with no choice, Takemichi confronts Mikey in the present.

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 204, the effort doesn’t go well since Mikey tries to kill Takemichi and Mikey attempts suicide by jumping to his death. When Takemichi prevents the murder-suicide, the two men end up holding hands… and that touch sends Takemichi back in time!

Thus, Tokyo Revengers’ final arc will focus on preventing Mikey’s death in the future.

Tokyo Revengers Mikey 204
Takemichi has been shot but he still manages to prevent Mikey from jumping to his death. Pic credit: Ken Wakui

Takemichi finds himself back in June 2008. He’s late waking for school as a higher schooler.

Chapters 205 then jumped around in the timeline in order to explain what has transpired with various villain characters. The bromance between Shuji Hanma and Tetta Kisaki led to Fifth Division Captain Yasuhiro Muto working with Haruchiyo Sanzu to root out traitors within Toman.

Sanzu eventually becomes Muto’s right-hand man. But when Muto betrays “King” Mikey, Sanzu slices him down at the site of the Kanto incident. Fast-forward to 2008 and a skeleton is found in Tokyo bay.

Tokyo Revengers 207 (which came out May 26, 2021) jumps back to Takemichi so readers can see what alternate timeline he’s landed in since the time travel was triggered by Mikey’s touch. Rushing to high school, Takemichi realizes that Yamagishi, Makoto, Takuya, and Akkun are his friends again now that he’s in high school.

But there’s also a new guy Takemichi doesn’t recognize. It turns out it’s Hakkai Shiba with his hair grown out long!

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More importantly, Chifuyu is also at the high school. Takemichi admits that he’s the future self and that he time-leaped thanks to trying to save Mikey.

Meanwhile, the young Mikey has gone on a rampage, beating up an entire rival gang all by himself while Sanzu and Kokonui Hajime watched on. What’s more, young Mikey somehow knows that future Takemichi has time-traveled back to his time!

The final battle to end it all begins! Manga fans will just have to wait and see if Tokyo Revengers 208 starts toward a happy ending for all or begins a major dark plot twist. Stay tuned!

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