Demon Slayer Inosuke NSFW figure’s R18 design by new Gentleman 18 Studio is sexy crazy

Inosuke NFSW Figure Uncensored

This Studio Gentleman 18 Demon Slayer Inosuke figure probably has everyone thinking the same as Tanjiro whenever he’s watching Hashibira Inosuke’s bizarre behavior: what the heck was the creator thinking?! The new Inosuke NSFW figure is among the emerging trend of risque nude anime collectibles that puts our favorite characters in scandalous positions. There‚Äôs the SPY … Read more

Bleach Yoruichi figure’s naked lightning cat fury revealed in RD Studio/Dream Studio Yoruichi Shihouin figures

Bleach Yoruichi Shihouin Figure

RD Studio’s Bleach Yoruichi figure that’s coming out in 2023 is definitely an attention-grabber. The upcoming anime figurine manages to capture the raw fury and speed of Yoruichi’s naked cat form with an attention to detail that collectors desire in their figurines. But it’s also not so revealing that you have to hide the figurine … Read more