Snuggle up to a life size Mareep Pokémon Plushie

The life size Mareep plushie
The life size Mareep plushie. Pic credit: Pokemon Center

If you like your Pokémon wooly and shocking then you’ll want to get yourself this jumbo Mareep Poké Plush. When we say this is a pretty big plushie, we mean this is a life sized 1 to 1 scale stuffed Pokémon.

When you look up Mareep in the Pokédex you’ll learn that the electric sheep Pokémon stands at a full two feet tall and this plush version comes in hot at a full two feet tall and more than three feet long.

The material is described as having a supersoft wooly and fluffy texture, which means that you’ll be able to snuggle up with a full sized Mareep the next time you need to count some sheeps in your sleep. Just be careful of that static shock (it is an electric type after all).

A plush this big is not cheap though. This big boi will cost you $500 (which is even more expensive than that Snorlax beanbag) and preorders are now open on the Pokémon Center website until September 1, 2019.

Shipping of this Pokémon Center original design item will start in January of 2020 and purchases will not be charged on your card until the item ships. You can cancel your preorder up until December 1, 2019.

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