Another review: This horror anime is fantastic!


Another is a horror lover’s dream. It references some of the greats like Stephen King, John Saul, and H. P. Lovecraft. Fans of Higurashi: When They Cry, and Final Destination will adore this series. Thank you, Crunchyroll, for putting this in my recommendations because those five hours had me squirming with anticipation! Before going on, … Read more

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising English dub review: FUNimation’s Boku no Hero Academia movie dubbing nails it

The My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie poster

The My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising English dub release date in the USA and Canadian movie theaters is finally coming up this week! The release date for the second My Hero Academia movie is scheduled for February 26, 2020. The FUNimation press release provides the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising story: “Class 1-A visits Nabu … Read more

KonoSuba movie review: KonoSuba Crimson Legend brings Megumin’s story to U.S. theaters with English subtitles

Scene from the KonoSuba: Legend of Crimson movie

Explosion! KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Crimson Legend is blasting into U.S. theaters near you, thanks to Crunchyroll Movie Night. We decided to do a little KonoSuba movie review that gives you an idea of what to expect. Screening in over 600 movie theaters nationwide in America, the KonoSuba movie release date takes … Read more

One Piece: Stampede English dub by FUNimation review: Luffy takes on Douglas Bullet, the pirate version of Dragon Ball’s Broly

One Piece: Stampede visual

FUNimation’s One Piece: Stampede English dub is coming soon to U.S. theaters. Having already grossed $48 million in Japanese theaters, the One Piece movie is ready to plunder North American audiences of all their hard-earned booty. The One Piece: Stampede movie will have a limited theatrical release in North America. The English subtitles version is … Read more

Human Lost review: Ningen Shikaku anime movie advances Polygon Pictures’ 3D animation [Spoilers]

Human Lost anime movie poster

No Human Lost review would be complete without first acknowledging the roots of the story. The project was created to celebrate the 110th birthday of writer Osamu Dazai, the author of No Longer Human and The Setting Sun. His works were released in the same time frame as H.G. Wells and they are considered science … Read more

Tokyo Ghoul S movie 2019 review for Funimation’s English release in U.S theaters: Tokyo Ghoul live-action more true to the manga’s heart than the anime

Tokyo Ghoul S movie poster artwork

Is your appetite whet for a gourmet helping of Tokyo Ghoul? The 2017 Tokyo Ghoul live-action movie just got our tummies grumbling by introducing film audiences to Ken Kaneki, but now in 2019, the live-action Tokyo Ghoul S movie is serving up the beginning of the feast. Funimation Films is the theatrical division of Sony … Read more

Promare review: Fire Force comparisons inevitable, but Trigger’s new movie channels the spirit of Gurren Lagann

Promare being compared to Fire Force at an event

Years ago, Anime Expo was the site of animation studio Trigger’s initial announcement of the Promare movie project, the studio’s first film. This year, Trigger returned for Anime Expo 2019 and they surprised fans with a special full-length screening of the entire Promare anime movie. Earlier on the same day, FUNimation and studio David Production … Read more