Chainsaw Man English dub cast/voice actors announced by Crunchyroll

Chainsaw Man
Four English voice actors have been confirmed! Pic credit: MAPPA

Let September 19th be known as Chainsaw Man Day, as every other Twitter post is about the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime! We have two new trailers, voice actor confirmations, and much fantastic music to look forward to!

We also know that Chainsaw Man will start with 12 episodes. Many are debating whether Chainsaw Man will be split into cours or parts.

Especially when Part 1 of the manga has 11 volumes and no good place to break into a cour due to pacing and how many people are trying to kill Denji. The boy just wants good food and a girlfriend; leave him alone!

Angry Denji in the Chainsaw Man second trailer
Angry Denji in the Chainsaw Man second trailer. Pic credit: MAPPA studios

Voice actors!

Although we only have four voice actors confirmed for the dub, along with ADR direction by Mike McFarland, it’s safe to say the English dub will be epic! Ryan Colt Levy will be Denji, Suzie Yeong will be Makima, Reagan Murdock as Aki, and Sarah Wiedenheft will be Power!

And if you don’t like dubs, you should still watch the English trailer. There’s a Tomato Devil in it. Why would anyone fear tomatoes that much?

We also have new confirmations for more of the Japanese cast. Shiori Izawa voices Pochita, Maryia Ise as Himeno, Karin Takahashi as Kobeni Higashiyama, Taku Yashiro as Hirokazu Ari, and Kenjiro Tsuda will be Kishibe.

Secrets hidden in the trailers!

Despite starting with 12 episodes and only giving us a handful of trailers to work with, manga readers have a good idea of where episode 12 ends. Light spoilers ahead!

The cemetery is seen a lot in the manga. Despite being in a slightly different world from ours, people die all the time in this series.

And The Public Safety Organization is no exception. Chainsaw Man’s fight against the Devils will test him in many ways.

Especially when he knows them and why they’re fighting. I know the Devil’s name, but I won’t say it here.

All you need to know is that Denji’s life begins hard and gets worse. He makes friends and does have some good times, but true happiness will elude him in Part 1 of the manga.

Hopefully, things get better for him in Part 2, and we’ll get more details about the anime soon. October 11, 2022, can’t come soon enough!

The voice acting has blown away in both of the new trailers. For more information on them, check out this article!

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