Chainsaw Man celebrates the New Year with Pochita eating mochi with some rabbits!

Chainsaw Man

On January 4, 2023, the @CHAINSAWMAN_PR Twitter account uploaded Pochita celebrating the New Year with three rabbits and eating some toast! Several anime has been posting Year of the Rabbit art, and we’ve been waiting to see what Chainsaw Man would do. The illustration is by character designer Kazutake Sugiyama. And the tweet states we’ll … Read more

What kind of protagonist is Denji in Chainsaw Man?

Angry Denji in the Chainsaw Man second trailer

Denji’s life has been far from perfect, which constantly shows in Chainsaw Man. Some fans like his unorthodox approach. He wants a better life and has simple desires that anyone can relate to. As a result, some have claimed that Denji is the perfect protagonist for 2022. I enjoyed watching Chainsaw Man and look forward … Read more