Chainsaw Man episode 1 release date may have been leaked

Chainsaw man official anime poster
Chainsaw man official anime poster. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

On September 7, 2022, @AniNewsAndFacts on Twitter announced that Chainsaw Man episode 1 will air on October 11, 2022. However, this fact hasn’t been confirmed by official sources.

@D_Kumi on Twitter has posted the same release date, but hopefully, someone will confirm this before too much time has passed.

Chainsaw Man anime latest key visual.
A Chainsaw Man anime key visual from July 2022. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

Are you ready to drown yourself in uncensored gore?

The hype for Chainsaw Man keeps growing as we get closer to October. Although fans are wondering if it’ll turn into a 2-part-cour, those of us who read the manga understand why this might happen.

The manga is split into two parts, with part 1 being complete at 11 volumes and 97 chapters. Chainsaw Man Part 2 has six chapters, which haven’t been published in a physical release yet.

According to the Chainsaw Man Wikipedia, volume 12 will release in Japan on October 4, 2022! No word on when English readers will be able to get a book, but you don’t have to learn Japanese to enjoy part 2.

VIZ has all of the latest chapters translated for English readers. And yes, it is as weird as part 1, but that makes it good!

Is Chainsaw Man more than he appears to be?

Light spoilers for part 1 of the manga from here on out, so don’t read it unless you’re ready for spoilers. The lore of Chainsaw Man is exciting and confusing.

Devils are born from fear, and their strength is bound to how much that fear is. So, for example, people fear death, darkness, and clowns.

The first two are normal fears everyone has at least once in their life, especially when you’re a child. However, clowns are tricky, and not everyone fears them.

Does this mean that the Clown Devil can’t kill you in Denji’s world? No, but if you’ve read the manga, you know how terrifying the Darkness Devil is.

And I’ll take a Clown Devil over the Darkness Devil anytime. Clowns are not primal, even when modern media uses them for villains.

They still pale in comparison to things humanity has feared since ancient times.

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