Chainsaw Man Episode 10 introduces the strongest Devil Hunter Sensei! [Review]

Chainsaw Man
Introducing Smart Denji! Pic credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man Episode 10: Bruised & Battered left us in the lurch. The fight is over. Aki is in the hospital, and Denji and Power are helping themselves to his basket of apples.

There’s no sign of the Katana Devil and his teammates, and Makima claims she doesn’t know why the Gun Devil is after Denji. But that’s fine because she found someone to train Denji and Power.

But will they survive the training?

Chainsaw Man
Meet the strongest Devil Hunter in Sector 1! Pic credit: MAPPA

A chance to heal?

We don’t know how long it’s been since the fight with the Katana Devil. But, Denji is fully healed, Power is fine, Aki just learned about Kobeni and Madoka, and he only has two years to live.

But Aki needs to form a new contract because the Fox Devil refuses to answer his summons. Fortunately, this isn’t a huge issue.

Public Safety has several Devils available to make contracts. But what will Aki have to give in exchange?

We also learn that Himeno had a younger sister who brought Aki several letters that Himeno sent her. He can’t ignore the truth.

Himeno wanted him to quit Public Safety and live a better life. But, sadly, he still agrees to meet the Future Devil and attempt to make a contract with it.


While Aki is recovering, Makima takes Denji and Power to a cemetery to meet their new trainer. He’s the strongest Devil Hunter in Sector 1 and insists they call him Sensei.

This is the same man who trained Himeno and was with her during several flashbacks. He says he loves booze, women, and killing Devils.

But he’s never trained Hybrids or Fiends before. So he decided the best way to teach them was by hunting them.

And he drives this point home by breaking Denji’s and Power’s necks! He reveals that Denji is immortal while Power is partially immortal.

He gives them blood to heal themselves, and the rest of the day is spent with Denji dying more than 20 times. Power is usually unconscious during these times, and the two decide to try a different approach.

They wear glasses, Power puts her hair up, and they decide to fight like intelligent people. Power uses her blood to make a spear and several bottles of blood on the floor above to impale the Devil Hunter.

While Denji waited for a chance to strike with a small axe, it didn’t work, but Sensei was impressed with their efforts. But, unfortunately, it didn’t stop him from throwing a knife between Denji’s eyes!

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