Chainsaw Man Episode 11 has the best ending theme song! [Review]

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 creditless ED video screenshot
Chainsaw Man Episode 11 ED creditless video screenshot featuring the Violence Fiend. Pic credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 introduces several of my favorite characters, shows more of Makima’s power, and has one of the best ending songs of the Chainsaw Man anime! Finally, Denji, Power, and Aki are ready to put themselves to the test.

But will Makima’s version of necessary evil be enough to win? And why weren’t we introduced to these Devils and Fiends sooner?!

Chainsaw Man's Aki
Chainsaw Man Aki PV screenshot. Pic credit: MAPPA

What’s going on between Kishibe and Makima?

The power plays and head games are real! Makima explains to Kishibe her plans to make Division 4 public and make things easier for them to kill devils.

But he’s not buying it and reveals he cares about Denji and Power. Makima also visits a mob family, and they discuss the truths about necessary evil.

To her credit, Makima waits until the boss is finished and doesn’t get angry when he blows cigar smoke in her face. But the poor fool who grabbed her shoulder was the first sight of Makima getting angry!

She didn’t say anything, but the man, and probably everyone else in the room, died with blood pouring from their nose. And she doesn’t need to be in proximity to use it!

Similar to her life-for-a-life ability, she needs a name. But why didn’t the Snake Woman die right away?

And why is the Gun Devil accepting money for its contracts? We’ve never seen Devils form contracts that don’t involve a body part/sense/lifespan from the human.

Except for Pochita and now the Future Devil. Also, how is the Snake Woman controlling the Ghost Devil when it was inside of the Snake Devil?

All hail the non-humans!

I’ve been waiting for the Shark Fiend to debut outside the opening! So forget to stay out of the water.

You need to keep running and hope he doesn’t turn into his Devil Form and chase you. Angel Devil and Spider Devil were true to their manga counterparts.

And I love the interaction between Angel and Aki! But the Violence Fiend made the biggest impression.

He appears well-mannered and is forced to wear a mask that looks like a plague doctor! I almost feel sorry for the zombies.

But where were these characters kept during the previous encounters? And why does the Spider Devil have a zipper going down her face and body?

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