Chainsaw Man Episode 7 will make you want to puke after watching Denji’s first kiss [Review]

Chainsaw Man
Denji’s first kiss is now meme fodder. Pic credit: MAPPA

I’ve been dreading this moment ever since I read the Chainsaw Man manga. Denji may be stupid, but he didn’t deserve his first kiss to be like this!

And, of course, it had to be right in front of everyone he works with. The poor guy can’t catch a break, but at least he doesn’t have to worry about the Eternity Devil anytime soon.

Chainsaw Man Episode 7 ED video screenshot
Chainsaw Man Episode 7 ED video screenshot. Pic credit: MAPPA

Denji is a perpetual motion machine!

You have to give the boy his due; not everyone is willing to jump into a Devil’s mouth to kill it, especially after his comrades tried to kill him. Chainsaw Man Episode 7: Taste of a Kiss starts with a battle that lasts three days!

Denji may not be the brightest, but he figured out a way to beat the Eternity Devil with ease. Slash around wildly, ignore the pain, and drink the Devil’s blood to heal, the repeat.

The Eternity Devil was enormous, and the fight should have been much harder. But given that Devils grow stronger the more they’re feard, it’s possible that it grew weaker due to lack of that fear.

That’s not to say that the Devil Hunters weren’t scared. But since the Eternity Devil was focused on Denji and kept screaming in pain, the others grew used to it.

Denji kills the Eternity Devil gleefully, and Himeno and Aki plan a welcoming party. Makima joins in, and most of the awkwardness between Koebeni, Arai, and Denji appears to be forgotten.

Himeno gets drunk and kisses Denji, and pukes into his mouth. The episode ends with Denji waking up in Himeno’s home, and she asks him if he wants to have sex.

What happened in Chainsaw Man Episode 7?

Episode 6 showed a lot of promise. Our heroes find themselves trapped on the 8th floor of a hotel.

The time is past 8 pm, and everything is looping! This made the Eternity Devil’s first appearance that much more horrifying.

How can you beat Eternity? Why didn’t Arai or Koebani attempt to use their Devils in the fight? What is Koebani’s Devil?

And most importantly, why didn’t the Eternity Devil freeze Denji’s time? If you can affect your surroundings, why wouldn’t you be able to stop Denji from moving?

Eternity is a concept that some people find comforting. Unfortunately, true immortality isn’t within our reach yet, but we can become immortal by leaving things behind.

And is this the last we’ll see of the Eternity Devil?

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