Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Review: Denji x Himeno will make your eyes bulge!

Chainsaw Man
Denji will do many things, but he’s saving his first time with Makima! Pic credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man Episode 8: GUNFIRE will be the first of many “what happened” episodes. It starts with Himeno’s perspective as she carries Denji into her home.

And it pulls a perfect tear-out-your-heart moment in the end! Did anyone else watch Akame ga Kill?

Remember all of those flashbacks we had in the last couple of episodes of Chainsaw Man? So who’s next to die before we hit the 12th episode?

Chainsaw Man Episode 8 ED video featuring Himeno smoking. Pic credit: MAPPA


Denji has done a lot of dumb things since episode 1. But will turning down Himeno’s offer to have sex with her be one of them?

The episode starts promisingly. Himeno makes breakfast, offers to set Denji up with Makima in exchange for his help in her getting together with Aki, and declares that they’re friends.

Even without reading the manga, that should have triggered some alarms. But while Denji is still passed out, Himeno mentions Makima and a deal.

Was this just some drunken ramblings as Himeno doesn’t like Makima, or was there something else going on? And speaking of, why were Makima and her group shot at on the train?

Are they dead, or does Makima have a trick up her sleeve? I especially love the music going on while we see the rest of the team minding their own business, only for random people to pull out guns, and then we hear gunshots!

But Denji, Aki, Power, and Himeno are enjoying themselves at a ramen restaurant. And then a new threat appears.

A man starts talking about his grandfather and how everyone loves him and pulls out a photo of himself and the Yakuza boss from episode 1. The Gun Devil wants Denji’s heart, but what does the Katana Devil want?


Once again, Denji and the others find themselves against a mighty enemy, unlike the fight against the Eternity Devil. However, this one stays satisfying, and it’s up to the others to protect Denji!

We have Aki vs. the Katana Devil, which introduces us to how his sword works and hints that there’s more to this new foe. The Curse Devil must hit the target three times to kill the enemy.

But how many years did Aki lose while using it? And what is the Katana Devil? Aki used the Fox Devil first, and she said that the Katana Devil isn’t a human or a Devil.

Does that mean he’s a Fiend like Power or something else? And then we have Himeno’s final fight and our first look at Ghost Devil’s true form.

It was awesome and showed how important speed is in a fight. Because the unnamed girl used the Snake Devil to finish off Himeno, is this the last time we see Ghost?

Can Power and Denji work together to save Aki, or will Denji lose his heart?

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