Chainsaw Man episode 9: From Tokyo cranks up the tension! (Review)

Chainsaw Man Episode 9 ED video screenshot
Chainsaw Man Episode 9 ED video screenshot featuring Makima using her mysterious power to sacrifice one life to take the life of another. Pic credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man Episode 9 is perfect. We’re treated to Himeno’s death scene again, Makima returns to life, Kobeni reveals she has skills, and Denji barely does anything.

Questions arise, bodies are everywhere, and there’s math in this episode. Because Makima requested 30 convicts with the death penalty, or worse, be taken to a temple with the highest altitude.

And I didn’t see 30 bodies when she was done, so where’s the rest?

Chainsaw Man
Why couldn’t Makima kill these two? Pic credit: MAPPA

How do Makima’s powers work?

Even if Makima is a normal human with Devil contracts, she shouldn’t have been able to cheat death that easily. But she gets up, still covered in blood but otherwise fine, and kills everyone in the train car with her!

Only to calmly tell Tendo and Kurose that she needs 30 convicts and a temple with the highest altitude. So if you didn’t read my article on Makima or suspected her before, let this be the episode to open your eyes.

Because if Makima only needs a name and a human sacrifice to kill someone, why didn’t she kill the Katana Devil and the Snake User? Why did she focus on the people with guns?

And while this is going on, Ghost, either of its own will or by Himeno’s last request, tried to help by pulling Denji’s starter! It’s a shame we didn’t see Power leave, but who could blame her?

But at least we get to see Kobeni in action. And she didn’t use a Devil to help her! Denji has healed from worse injuries, but will he have time to recover from being cut in half?

Will Makima save the day and prevent any more deaths?

Madoka is the smartest one in episode 9!

Madoka didn’t have much screen time, but he made the right choice. However, the Public Safety Division operates similarly to a police department.

And realizing that you’re in the wrong line of work before it kills you is crucial. Was Makima truly disappointed with Madoka’s choice?

Maybe. Will Kobeni quit, and what happens to her contract with an unknown Devil? Himeno suggested that joining the Private Sector would be a safer option.

Because they deal with weaker Devils. But what if you leave the Devil-hunting trade behind? Will Kobeni and Madoka be penalized if they use their Devils?

And why does the Gun Devil want Denji’s heart? How does it know who Denji is, and why would it care?

The Gun Devil can move so fast that parts of its body tear away. So unless it’s in front of Denji in his Chainsaw Man form and can’t move, there shouldn’t be a reason for it to lose.

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