Chainsaw Man Himeno’s PV trailer is here!

Chainsaw Man
Himeno’s PV trailer reminds us of everything she went through! Pic credit: MAPPA

With six days to go until Episode 12 of Chainsaw Man, the official website for the anime has released a character PV trailer for Himeno! So, will we get more PVs to mark the days?

And if so, who will be next? And was there a hint to help Aki survive his fight with the Ghost Devil?

Chainsaw Man
Himeno was the original country mouse! Pic credit: MAPPA

Himeno, the country mouse!

Manga fans might better know this, but a classic story about a City Mouse and a Country Mouse plays a huge role in Aki’s character development. And Himeno is the perfect example of a country mouse.

She wants to live a comfortable life, especially with Aki, and take fewer risks for easier rewards. But because Aki refuses to give up on his goal of killing the Gun Devil and solidifying his role as a city mouse, taking significant risks for bigger rewards.

She feels duty-bound to protect him, even from himself. But she isn’t closed off to other people.

We see her form a bond with Denji and was always trying to lighten the mood. But we also saw her in action as she used the Ghost Devil against the Eternity Devil, Power, and the Katana Man.

Ghost Devil vs. Aki!

The Ghost Devil has one of the best designs in Chainsaw Man. It’s huge and looks like it’ll fit in any horror medium, according to what we learned in Episode 11.

It may have been fond of humans since it was roughly human-shaped. The Ghost Devil didn’t want to fight the Snake Devil user because she was too scary.

But it was smiling after Himeno offered to give it all of herself in exchange for using all of the Ghost Devil’s power. Sadly, this wound up working against them.

But was the Ghost Devil killed or still alive inside the Snake Devil? Devils lose their memories when they die.

And the Snake Devil bit Ghost’s head off. But Devils are reborn in Hell after dying on Earth. So, does Ghost remember Aki since it was in the Snake Devil’s stomach?

The Snake Devil user ordered Ghost to choke Aki to death. But how will it know he’s dead since it can’t see?

Will someone save Aki, or does he have another trick up his sleeve? And what is Future Devil’s definition of “dying in the worst way?”

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