Chainsaw Man Horsemen of the Apocalypse revealed – CSM 113 manga spoilers show Fami aka Famine as the third Horseman

Chainsaw Man
The third Horseman has appeared! But is she as nice as she seems? Pic credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto

If Chainsaw Man manga Part 1 is meant to show us how terrifying a single Horseman is, then Chainsaw Man Part 2 raises the stakes by quickly introducing us to two others!

But just because the Four Horsemen are typically referred to as a set or team. That doesn’t mean they like each other, especially in Chainsaw Man!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, an old enemy might be returning in Chainsaw Man Chapter 114!

Chainsaw Man
Famine says she’s War’s older sister. But how does War/Yoru feel about Famine? Pic credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto

A Chainsaw Man family quarrel?

Makima states she wants to improve the world by having Chainsaw Man eat other Devils, including the other Horsemen. Yoru wants revenge on Chainsaw Man by making him spit up the Nuclear Weapons Devil.

And now we have Famine. We haven’t seen her in action, but she considers the other Horsemen her sisters.

She even calls herself Yoru’s older sister. But does that mean she’s on Asa’s side? And how strong can Famine be in a country where food is plentiful?

Makima was a force to be reckoned with because many feared losing control of their lives. Even Devils and Fiends alike feared Makima.

But Famine and War isn’t a common fear in most of modern society. Of course, you can hate these things, but that’s not the same as genuinely fearing them.

And when are we going to meet Death?

A tribute to the Chainsaw Man past!

Chainsa Man Chapter 113 is the perfect way to show character growth and remind fans where the manga started. Asa believes that she can get Denji to fall for her with ease.

She’s cute, and she chose the aquarium for their date. Given Denji’s personality and how quickly he agreed to the date.

Romance, or obedience in exchange for being her boyfriend, should have been achieved in minutes. So it’s too bad that Asa tried to impress Denji with her textbook knowledge about sea life instead of looking at the penguins like Denji wanted.

And Denji isn’t willing to blindly follow Asa’s instructions, despite still doing anything for money. But the best part is the all-but-confirmed return of the Eternity Devil!

I wasn’t impressed with the Eternity Devil in part 1. But maybe Famine has a way of shaking things up.

Because she won’t let Asa leave until she turns Denji into a weapon, and she somehow took Yoru away from Asa!

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