Chainsaw Man Music of Eagles has TOOBOE, syudou, and Deu (PEOPLE 1)!

Chainsaw Man TOOBOE X syudou X Deu (PEOPLE 1)
Part 2 of the Music of Eagles is going to be 60 minutes! Pic credit: MAPPA

Part 2 of the Music of Eagles will feature three artists and a new MC! Although there is a physical location event, MAPPA will live stream it to their YouTube channel before Chainsaw Man Episode 12 airs!

Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be any hints about what’s coming after Chainsaw Man Episode 12. But we’ll wait and see what happens, and hopefully, we’ll get a part 3 in early 2023.

Chainsaw Man Episode 10 ED video screenshot
Chainsaw Man Episode 10 ED video. Pic credit: MAPPA


TOOBOE played Jozai which was Chainsaw Man Episode 4’s ending. Which I like to call the Power ending as it showcases the awesomeness of Power!

CSM Episode 4 will always stand out to me as it shows that Denji can be serious about his dreams. Do they measure to the others?

No, but that’s not the point!


We have syudou to think for the awesome In the Back Room of CSM Episode 5. But who decided to add that pink unicorn?

Suppose you didn’t already have doubts about what’s going in behind the scenes in the Chainsaw Man world. Then, that unicorn should be a blazing red flag.

I don’t remember it being in the manga, and innocence has no place in this franchise. I’ll laugh if MAPPA adds a Unicorn Devil!

Deu (PEOPLE 1)

Deu (PEOPLE 1) created Dogland, and it’s perfect for Chainsaw Man. Even if you can’t understand Japanese, the lyrics and melody help reflect what Denji’s been through and gives rise to his character development.

But is it too late to change? And why is the person shooting Denji dressed like a Public Safety Devil Hunter?

And how will Denji and Power handle their training? There are many questions, but we’ll see what part 2 reveals on December 23, 2022.

Grange Toyama is the MC, and the program will be 60 minutes long. Like in part 1, everyone will talk about their love for Chainsaw Man, and there will be clean versions of KICK BACK and their ending songs.

Although it hasn’t been officially announced, episode 12 should air on December 27, 2022. And the Chainsaw Man anime website suggests watching the WEB Drama before watching episode 12.

So there’s a chance we might see something about the future of Chainsaw Man. But even if we don’t, we can always enjoy the manga and other anime coming out in 2023.

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