Chainsaw Man Pochita figure is a 1/1 scale, plush-like FURYU statue that’s perfect for CSM cosplay

Chainsaw Man
Bring home the best boy from Chainsaw Man, and you can move his legs every day for a new pose! Pic credit: FURYU

Pochita is one of the most mysterious characters from Chainsaw Man, and FURYU has made a poseable Pochita figure! The pre-order for this little cutie ends on October 19, 2022, and the estimated shipping date is August 31, 2023.

He stands at 13.39 inches high, and his dimensional weight is 25. Making him the perfect size to cosplay with!

Although he’s not as soft as a Pochita plush doll, the figure’s body is soft vinyl. And you can move his legs for multiple poses! Most sites are selling him at $258.99 for the pre-order, but if you miss out, the retail price will climb to around $266.99.

But what I find to be the best part about this figure is he’s safe for children 7+ to play with. Don’t let them read the manga or watch the upcoming anime, and you’re OK!

Chainsaw Man
Pochita is one of the best things about Chainsaw Man. I want a chainsaw dog for a pet! Pic credit: FURYU

Who is Pochita?

You anime-only fans have no idea how hard it is for me to hold myself back from gushing about Chainsaw Man! So, the information here will only cover the beginning of the manga.

The plot will only be lightly touched, but I won’t reveal anything concerning the end of Part 1 of the manga. Hopefully, Chainsaw Man Part 2 will answer some of my burning questions!

Pochita is the adorable Devil that Denji met when he was a child. For not fully explained reasons, Pochita was severely injured, so Denji shared his blood with him, and Pochita was healed!

This will prove to be one of the smartest moves Denji makes, as he forms a contract with Pochita and the two become partners. They kill Devils together to earn money. However, Denji can live life to the fullest while Denji tries to pay back his father’s debt.

But Denji and Pochita are betrayed and left for dead in a dumpster. Pochita fuses with Denji’s body and becomes his heart, so both of them can live, and Denji can show Pochita his dreams.

Denji becomes a Hybrid and can now transform into Chainsaw Man, but life isn’t done, making things complicated for our hero. Because Pochita is the original Chainsaw Man, and many Devils want him dead.

Are there other Pochita figures?

Yes! My favorite is a plushy Pochita that you can pick up for around $25, depending on which site you visit. There are a few other Pochita figures, but the one above and the plushie are safe for children.

But make sure to check each picture as there are different Pochita plushies, and one of them has a metal handle on Pochita’s tail.

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