Chainsaw Man Pochita sneakers shoes will have you walking like a cute lil’ devil

Chainsaw Man Pochita sneakers
You can now wear Pochita while playing basketball! Pic credit: Tagotee

Pochita is one of the best parts of Chainsaw Man, and now we can wear him while playing basketball! Although several types of Pochita shoes are available online, Tagotee stands out for its manga inspiration.

And you won’t have to kill your wallet or make a contract with a Devil to get a pair! I love how the anime progresses, but the manga will always be king in my heart.

Chainsaw Man Pochita sneakers
Don’t worry about spoilers with these super cute sneakers! Pic credit: Tagotee

The ultimate best boy shoes for everyone!

This would be my pair if I were the type to buy shoes online. At $66.99 and in a variety of sizes, Pochita is ready to keep your feet warm.

The manga design contrasts nicely with the bright colors of Pochita. Unfortunately, you can’t check if your size is available until you’re ready to check out on

And other sites sell similar shoes at different prices. But it’s proof that Chainsaw Man is getting the attention it deserves!

The tags on the site compare the shoe to Air Jordans, Air Jordans 13, and Air Jordans High Tops and Low Tops. Making them the ultimate functional accessory.

Can I talk about Pochita yet?

It isn’t easy to hold back when Chainsaw Man is so incredible. You have Denji, the lovable fool. Power, who owns every scene she’s in. Makima, playing head games with everyone, and Aki, the poor fool caught between them all!

Each character deserves their merch; some are already getting theories and more attention from the fandom. But it’s Pochita who remains a mystery!

Will the anime give us a hint, or will it stay close to the manga? There’s only been a few slight differences between the mediums.

But the changes don’t detract from the story. Denji is progressing at the same rate in both versions, and it was cute seeing Denji and Aki bond after Power moved in.

Of course, seeing the result was even better! As Denji outdoes himself when it comes to pursuing his dreams.

I do wonder if Pochita is having fun while Denji is running around. But he has several pairs of shoes and other merchandise with his face on them.

So I’m sure he’ll leave Denji to enjoy his boobies and whatever else pops into his head. Let us know if you own any Pochita shoes below!

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