Chainsaw Man x White Cat Project NEW WORLDS is here!

Chainsaw Man x White Cat Project NEW WORLDS
You can play as Denji, Power, Aki, and Makima in this collaboration! Pic credit: COLOPL

Warning! There are some slight spoilers for the anime concerning Makima. If you haven’t read Chainsaw Man Part 1 of the manga, skip this collaboration.

Unless you love hearing the Japanese voice actors having fun on your screen, do your best to ignore the Makima screenshots and enjoy the game!

Chainsaw Man x White Cat Project NEW WORLDS
Denji is ready for a dream battle! Pic credit: COLOPL

What is this collaboration?

The idea of playing some of our favorite Chainsaw Man characters, especially when they’re voiced by their Japanese Voice actors and can reenact some scenes from the anime, is exciting! But what if I told you that this collab is only available on your phone?

Can we make a good Chainsaw Man video game experience on our phones? I’ve never heard of White Cat Project NEW WORLDS before, but everything I’ve seen looks amazing!

Until December 13, 2022, you can choose between Denji, Makima, Power, and Aki as you fight monsters, create a town, and reenact certain scenes from the anime. You might wonder how you can play Makima when someone shot her in the head in Chainsaw Man Episode 8.

I’m going to say there’s a canon reason for this, but you’ll have to wait and see how the anime handles it. It’s unclear if you can use human Denji in battle, but he has several scenes in the trailers.

Denji wants to have a dream battle, and he’s beating on a giant drum in one scene. Power chases her cat, Aki uses gum to bribe Denji and Power into behaving, and Makima is being Makima!

We also see the Fox Devil’s head, but it’s unclear if Aki can use the Curse Devil in the game. There’s also a giveaway happening until December 2/3 involving a minigame and following the White Cat Project NEW WORLDS Twitter account.

You’ll get a free wallpaper featuring the art in the top image for free! I don’t know what that monster is, but it looks cool, and I wouldn’t mind having it on my screen.

Head to the Chainsaw Man x White Cat Project NEW WORLDS website to try your luck.

What is White Cat Project NEW WORLDS?

It’s an app game that promises easy playability with one hand. But on the other hand, the story involves a meeting between a white cat and a black cat.

And wouldn’t you know it, a white kitten is attached to a mysterious young girl who the main character rescues in some ruins.

It supports multiplayer of up to four players, and you can freely customize your characters. The enemy designs are nicely done, and a cat story is perfect for Power.

If Aki lets her have a phone, this would be on her for hours! There’s also a large variety of classes for you to choose from, and you can freely traverse the world.

Don’t miss out on having Chainsaw Man on your phone, and give this game a chance after the collaboration ends.

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