Crunchyroll Chainsaw Man English dub confirmed by new CSM trailer – Premiere later in 2022

Chainsaw Man Anime MAPPA
The Chainsaw Man Part 2 manga will continue with a story arc focused on Denji’s new life as both a high schooler and a “father.” Pic credit: Studio MAPPA

In a tale as old as time, a boy finds a dog, and the dog has a chainsaw blade for a nose; the boy and dog set out to kill devils to pay off the dead father’s debt. Crunchyroll announced today that Chainsaw Man will be simulcast later this year in 2022. What’s more, they already confirmed the Chainsaw Man English dub!

Parental discretion is advised in this alternate version of Earth. Denji has it rough. Devils can appear anywhere, and he has to pay back his father’s debt to the Yakuza, or else they’ll kill him.

But everything changes when he meets the best dog: Pochita. A little cutie who helps Denji kill Devils and listens to his dreams.

Right up until Denji is betrayed by the Yakuza and dies. Then, Pochita enters a contract with Denji, and a new Devil is born.

His name is Chainsaw man, and he’s much harder to get rid of than Denji.

Chainsaw Man anime
The 2022 Chainsaw Man release date really could be in Fall 2022, but the premiere time frame has not been confirmed by any official sources yet. Pic credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto

Chainsaw Man release date: When is it coming?

The release date is still unknown, but many fans believe Chainsaw Man will begin streaming in Fall 2022. So perhaps we’ll be able to enjoy Denji’s adventures in time for Halloween.

All I know is that I can’t wait to experience this world in animation. I read the 10th volume, and I’m hooked!

Chainsaw Man isn’t for everyone, but it is for me, and I’ll be drowning in part 1 of the manga for a while because the Chainsaw Man Twitter has confirmed that Chainsaw Man part 2 of the manga will also come out in 2022. Does this mean Chainsaw Man Season 2 will happen in the future?!

Chainsaw Man dub confirmed

Ryu Nakayama and Makoto Nakazono are directing, Hiroshi Seko is the writer, and Kensuke Ushio is in charge of the music. Chainsaw Man will also be dubbed in English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German.

MAPPA is the studio in charge of bringing this fantastic anime to life, and I’m excited to see what the powerhouse has in store for us. It’s hard for me to talk about Chainsaw Man without spoiling it, but if you like Jujutsu Kaisen and One Punch Man, this should be on your watchlist!

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