Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction anime confirmed by announcement trailer

The two main characters of Dededede stand, having accomplished their goals.
The two main characters of Dededede as well as Isobeyan stand, having accomplished their goals. Pic credit: Inio Asano

Inio Asano’s long-running cult hit manga, Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction, had its anime adaptation announced this week just before Anime Japan 2022 got itself into full force.

This announcement comes as a complete shock, seeing as how none of Inio Asano’s previous works have seen an adaptation before, including the beloved Goodnight Punpun, widely considered to be one of the best manga of all time.

You can watch the announcement trailer for the new anime series at the link below:

What is Dededede about?

Dededede, a manga that has been running since early 2014 and finished serialization earlier this year in February, follows the friendship and daily life of two girls, Kadode Koyama and Ouran Nakagawa, in their rather mundane life following the invasion of Earth by aliens three years prior. The focus of the series lies not in the sci-fi aspects of it but more in how the characters grow to live life and adapt to their new reality despite the major shake-up in what would be considered a normal life.

This isn’t to say that nothing of note happens, though — in the vein of any Inio Asano manga, things do take a turn for the weird as time progresses — but the focus of the series lies solely in their friendship, making it a truly backward take on the traditional alien invasion story.

This focus, as well as its title, makes Dededede an unlikely choice for an adaptation, but it’s exciting to hear that an anime will be coming soon.

Who’s working on the anime adaptation?

The studio for the adaptation has been announced to be Production +h., a newer studio with fairly little work under their belt thus far. Their first anime, Extra-Terrestrial Boys and Girls, a 6-episode OVA, started airing in January and ended in March of this year.

Besides a stunning recommendation from Inio Asano, in which he talks about how excited he is to see the adaptation for the series, speaks of his love for the series, and proclaims how “Dededede” is not yet over, no information regarding the director, staff, release date, length of the anime, nor the voice actors has been revealed yet.

Considering how Production +h is a newer studio and their current works include a planned movie and a past OVA, it’s entirely possible that this adaptation of Dededede doesn’t exactly run for a cour and instead acts as an OVA or as a side story within the universe. Whatever the case will be, it’s exciting to see Asano’s work finally adapted into an anime!

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