Detective Conan, Sailor Moon’s collaboration cafe 2022 at Universal Studios Japan is beyond cute

Universal Studios Japan food anime
The theme park will have anime food designed around some of the best anime series. Pic credit: Universal Studios Japan

As part of Universal’s Studio Japan’s Universal Cool Japan 2022 project, Detective Conan, Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, and Monster Hunter announced their collaboration with the park to create both food and merch. In this article, we’ll tackle the collaboration goods of Detective Conan and Sailor Moon, and also cover the general premise behind USJ’s Universal Cool Japan 2022 project.

What are the Detective Conan collaboration items?

The Detective Conan collaboration items for Universal Studio Japan are based on various attributes of Conan and his friends. The first item of note is the sandwich based on Conan’s rainbow necktie, which will be available through Cafe Poirot during the event. Cafe Poirot will also be serving various sandwiches and cakes at their shop.

Along with that, limited edition goods that make the characters of the Conan universe feel “super real” will be available, such as printed cookie tins, realistic recreations of Conan’s RX-7 sidecar, and ribbon hairclips. Keep an eye out for those when you get the chance!

What are the Sailor Moon collaboration items?

To celebrate Sailor Moon‘s 30th anniversary, a few items presented in the collaboration will be part of the Sailor Moon 30th Anniversary Project.

For Universal Cool Japan 2022, Universal Studios Japan has prepared a Sailor Moon x Tuxedo Mask cafe plate, a Chibi Moon Heart Compact Cake, desserts that convey both the cuteness and coolness of the five Sailor Scouts, as well as drinks that serve to represent both Chibi Moon and all four of the Outer Senshi Soldiers to help the park create a wonderful cafe atmosphere for all of its guests.

Other goods for Sailor Moon include a Sailor Moon and Luna-themed face towel, ribbon hair clips for each of the Sailor Scouts, and more to help produce a lineup of goods that will set the hearts of the girls of Earth ablaze.

When and where will Universal Cool Japan 2022 take place?

Universal Cool Japan 2022 is already underway, but the collaboration goods here are set to be sold starting March 4th, 2022 through August 8th, 2022.

Other notable events and attractions in Universal Cool Japan’s lineup include a Monster Hunter World Iceborn XR Walk, an Attack on Titan XR Ride, an attraction where you solve mysteries with Conan, a Hunter x Hunter Real 4D Experience, and Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon The Miracle 4D – Moon Palace Deluxe being among the biggest attractions of the area.

Another interesting anime collaboration between the two, although not related to Universal Cool Japan 2022, is the Demon Slayer XR Ride that was put into place back in September of 2021, set to close up shop soon. Could that space be used for the future attractions of Universal Cool Japan 2022? Only time will tell.

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