Dragon Ball GT Vegeta is his perfect form!

Dragon Ball GT
Vegeta is rocking his mustache! Pic credit: Toei Animation

Vegeta will always be the Prince of All Saiyans. But what some people like to forget is that he’s not always about his pride.

Dragon Ball GT was originally the sequel to Dragon Ball Z. It was meant to be the end of the franchise, with a longer span, but sadly, it didn’t last long.

But if you understand Vegeta’s story, his arc in the franchise. Instead of what’s canon and what’s been retconned.

Then you’ll understand why GT Vegeta was the best way to end his story. And I’m not just talking about Super Saiyan 4!

Dragon Ball GT
Vegeta isn’t ready to give up! Pic credit: Toei Animation

Goodbye, Kakarot obsession!

Vegeta’s growth as a character has been a long but exciting journey. He went from caring only about himself and being the strongest to one of the best fathers in Dragon Ball GT. However, much of his earlier moments were beyond his control.

Vegeta was Frieza’s slave ever since he was a child. And he viewed power as everything, partly due to his life under Frieza and Saiyan culture.

Vegeta has to be the strongest to survive, and if Nappa and Raditz lose, then they’re worthless to him. So he’s not interested in protecting anyone, even though he needs to be protected.

Losing to Kakarot, eventually falling in love with Bulma, and meeting Future Trunks and Baby Trunks in Dragon Ball Z helped set the stage for his priorities to shift, but it’s a slow process, and it’s better for it.

Vegeta isn’t tied to his past in Dragon Ball GT. He doesn’t care about being stronger than Kakarot.

He still sees Kakarot as his rival and best sparring partner, but he’s more interested in pushing his limits. Beating Kakarot isn’t important.

His family and home on Earth are because that is what he chose.

All hail the Prince!

One of the dumbest arguments about Dragon Ball GT is people saying Vegeta cheated to get Super Saiyan 4. He didn’t.

It makes sense that Vegeta’s way to obtain it is with Bulma’s help and technology. But unfortunately, too many people forget Bulma is brilliant, and Vegeta spent most of his life using advanced technology.

We’ve seen Vegeta use a technique to create an artificial moon, and he goaded Krillen into attacking him to get a Zenkai boost. However, Vegeta is a tactician and will use different methods to become more efficient.

And given the Earth was about to be scorched by Omega Shenron, there wasn’t time for Vegeta to do anything else. Kakarot couldn’t beat him alone, and Vegeta wasn’t about to lose his home.

And it was Vegeta who said they should fuse in GT! This is the same Vegeta who said he’d rather die by Broly than do the Fusion Dance.

Yes, I know Super didn’t exist back then, but Super is set near the end of the Dragon Ball Z timeline, and Vegeta hates fusing with Kakarot in Dragon Ball Z.

So, for Vegeta to suggest Fusion is a huge deal and shows how far he’s come. Dragon Ball Super has shown moments where Vegeta is starting to mellow out and embrace his life as a family man.

And those moments were great. But Vegeta in Super isn’t on the same level as GT Vegeta. So maybe we’ll see some more of this in the manga.

It would be nice to see Trunks talk to Vegeta about him not wanting to take over Capsule Corp. Vegeta doesn’t have to leave Beerus’s planet to give him advice.

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