Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 drafts are released

Dragon Ball Super
It’s time for Trunks and Goten to shine! Pic credit: Akira Toriyama and Toyatarou

The Dragon Ball Chapter 89 release date is on January 19-20, 2023, but in the meantime, the official Dragon Ball website has uploaded several drafts! We have a potential name due to some fans translating it and some plot.

We get our first look at a young Bulla, confirmation that Bulma knows she’s been harboring the Pilaf Gang, and a nice touch to remind us of the past. But the biggest reveal is a new character with a similar name to a certain pair of androids!

Dragonball Super: Super Hero
Scene from the Dragonball Super: Super Hero movie showing off new androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. Pic credit: Studio Toei Animation

A New Rival Appears

A few days have passed since the end of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88, and we see Trunks trying to unlock the information on the disc he found. He decides to use Bulma’s PC and succeeds in finding the blueprints of a creature he doesn’t recognize.

But long-term fans should, as this is Cell in his Larva State. Unfortunately, a virus was protecting the data and infected Bulma’s PC.

Bulma and Bulla catch Trunks with the PC, and Bulma’s not happy with this discovery. She states that Trunks inherited this from Vegeta.

And Bulla, who looks like she’s around 4, somehow fixes the PC. So, it looks like Trunks can use computers.

He’s not as good as Bulma and Bulla. But given that Trunks is being groomed to be the next president of Capsule Corp.

This feels like a wrong choice unless they’re building up Bulla to decide she wants to take control of the company. But Bulma tracked Trunks down for a reason.

It’s Mai’s first day at Trunk’s high school, and she wants them to go together so Trunks won’t be late.

Questionable parenting at its finest

The next couple of blocks come from the narrator. First, Bulma enrolls Mai into Trunks’ high school because she thinks it’d be odd that Mai isn’t in school.

This is fine until you take a closer look at the situation. Why wasn’t Mai enrolled at the same time as Trunks?

Why is Mai the only one from the Pilaf Gang attending this high school? Don’t the other two need to keep up appearances?

And finally, why is Bulma okay with letting Trunks fall in love with Mai? Bulma knows who they are, and the Pilaf Gang have their memories.

They know how old they’re supposed to be. And Mai is older than Bulma. But we don’t see Mai return Trunks feelings yet.

But she found Future Trunks attractive back in the Goku Black Saga. And Teen Trunks is trying to get her attention.

Which he might have done during a baseball game for P. E. Class. Or she might have been looking at something else.

Like the other transfer student, Beta or Better? If his name is Beta, I’ll be surprised if he isn’t connected to the Alpha Androids.

But we have a week to determine whether this boy is important to the plot.

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