Why Future Trunks is better in Dragon Ball Z!

Dragon Ball Z

Before I begin, I want to clarify that this isn’t me hating on Dragon Ball Super. It’s hit-and-miss, but the Goku Black Saga is my favorite part of Super. It was interesting because of Future Trunks and seeing him in a relationship with Mai and an evil Goku. I still haven’t found a good reason … Read more

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero box office numbers still don’t beat DBS: Broly movie despite strong domestic USA theater sales

gamma 1 and gohan head to head

It’s official, after an exceptional debut at the box office opening weekend, the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie is now officially the highest-grossing domestic Dragon Ball film of all time based on the USA movie theater numbers. Internationally, the worldwide Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero box office numbers still need a few dozen million … Read more

PUBG Mobile x Dragonball Super game update/patch has been announced for 2023!

PUBG Mobile x Dragonball Super

With the Dragonball x Fortnight collaboration underway, Dragonball Super: Super Hero in theaters, and Dragonball: The Breakers building hype and bringing in new fans. So what could make things better? Well, if you’re a gamer and live, breathe, sleep, and eat battle royales, you’re in luck! Because the PUBG Mobile x Dragonball Super collab is … Read more

Black Frieza vs True Ultra Instinct Goku, Ultra Ego Vegeta shocks in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 – Is Black Frieza vs Jiren next?

Black Frieza colored

The character “Black Frieza,” the most powerful Frieza ultimate form to date, has been revealed to fans in the Dragon Ball Super manga. Frieza’s new transformation has sent shockwaves across the anime community since it was revealed in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87. The revelation concluded the Granolah the Survivor Arc in one of the … Read more

Dragonball Super Series Blu-Ray limited edition complete box set releases on Crunchyroll for pre-order

Dragonball Super

Dragonball Super fans, unite and visit Crunchyroll to pre-order this collector’s edition! Watching a Dragonball Super Blu-Ray has never looked so good, and the steel box cases will protect your collection for years! What’s included in the Dragon Ball Super BD box set? The world is peaceful after the defeat of Majin Buu, but Goku … Read more

New Goku Ultra Instinct Saiyan form revealed by Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 85

Dragon Ball Super Broly, Broly the main character

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 is now available. In a convergence of subplots flowing through the current Granolah The Survivor story arc, Dragon Ball Super has introduced Goku’s Ultra Instinct form. It continues the climactic confrontation between Goku, Vegeta, and the last remaining Cerealian Granolah vs. the villainous Heeters and their strong sibling, Gas. Before … Read more