Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO USA release date: Funimation confirms Summer 2022 movie premiere

Promotional imagery for Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO newly featuring Goten, Trunks, Krillin, Android 18, and Bulma.
The Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO film finally received a USA release time frame of summer 2022. Pic credit: Toei Animations

On the second day of the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2022, we finally received confirmation of the time frame for the Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO USA release date. Just a few months after the Japanese release and a year after the ComicCon announcement last July, the USA movie premiere is scheduled to come this summer in 2022. 

It was only a week ago that Studio Bird showed off a teaser visual of five new characters who will appear in the film: Goten, Trunks, Krillin, Android 18, and Bulma. Twitter showed excitement in particular for teenage Goten and Trunks, but as for the role they will play in the upcoming movie? It’s still too early to tell!  

The film doesn’t have a Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO English dub voice cast confirmed just yet, but more news is still to come. Fans in other regions should stay posted for further announcements.

What was announced during Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2022 Day 2?

Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2022 had announcements all around for fans including the new game Dragon Ball: The Breakers, chapter 82 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, and more information on Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO. Before the announcement of the film’s USA release, the event opened up with a video from Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

The Goku Experience Highlight Movie showcased a pivotal moment in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s Frieza Arc. Fans wanting to play through the important event can do so in-game. And to further celebrate the moment, chef Kinya Komoda was brought on to recreate dishes from the Kakarot game including the Smiling Ultra Mega Roast.

Once Day 2 was officially underway, Producer Toshi faced off in 4 battles against players in the mobile game Dragon Ball Legends. After a swift victory from Toshi, Player znkLFVegeta managed to best him. Whether this foreshadows a potential nerf is unknown, but Toshi did switch up his roster in the third round— winning with the same Vegeta character that got his heart pumping in Round 2. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the event was cut to only 3 battles. But fans showed their support by shooting the producer’s avatar with kamehameha emotes.

Next, fans of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game got to watch two top North American players face off. Current reigning world champion Andrew Dovale sought to defend his title from challenger Bryan Samuel. In the end, 2021’s winner, Andrew Dovale, prevailed again — defending his title.

Those excited for the latest Dragon Ball Super manga release weren’t left out. The Granola the Survivor Arc is continuing with chapter 82 which will be released on March 18th 2022. Volume 18 will also be released in Japan on April 4th 2022 — containing chapters 77 to 80. 

Later in the event, a sneak peek look of Dragon Ball: The Breakers had producers facing off against each other. Instead of playing as the world’s strongest champions, The Breakers let’s ordinary citizens take the stage. In an asymmetrical 1 vs 7 action game, customized characters can team and survive against enemies such as Cell. There’s no current announcement of a release date, but more information is bound to come soon!

In-between other Day 2 events, artists took the spotlight. Some of the pieces put on display included balloon art, a character fashion contest, a bento recreation of Dragon Ball scenes, and even a Goku portrait made entirely out of rubik’s cubes.

What will Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero be about?

Towards the end of the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2022 event, producers Akio Iyoku and Norihiro Hayashida along with director Tetsuro Kodama arrived with brand new footage of the Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO film.

As of now, information about the film’s plot is limited. It’s been confirmed by director Kodama that Piccolo and Goten will play an important role in the film. And the promotional teasers have revealed Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 — two Red Ribbon Army androids who are the film’s antagonists. Although, what’s curious is a voice line from Gamma 2 in the trailer has him referring to himself as a super hero. What that means likely won’t be revealed until the film’s release.

The narration on the official trailer states:

The evil Red Ribbon Army was once destroyed by Son Goku in the past. To achieve their goal, they have created ultra-powerful androids… The superheroes begin their battle to save the world.

Narrator, Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO trailer

Some have speculated that Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, believing themselves to be saviors of the world, will fight Goku and his friends who have been painted by the Red Ribbon Army as villains. Get your theories prepared, with just two months until the Japanese release, it’s anyone’s guess what direction the plot may take.

While discussing the key visuals released for the film, Akio Iyoku was asked whether Goten and Trunks’ pose speaks to a possible Fusion in the film. While he declined to comment, a merger between the two would be an exciting scene for the film. Although, the producer did confirm a Fusion between the two will happen — it’s just tentative whether or not it will happen in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

A conversation on Twitter showing excitement for Goten and Trunks in Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO
Is there potential for a side arc featuring these two? We’ll have to wait and see. Pic credit: @Valdezology/Twitter and @Omn1Media/Twitter

Next, a visual reveal showed Dr. Hedo, the scientist responsible for the creation of Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, throwing a grenade into what’s speculated to be a prison while wearing a superhero costume. His goals remain unclear, but the second clip of Gamma 2 and Piccolo’s battle does solidify the new androids as enemies of the Dragon Ball cast.

Dr. Hedo’s voice actor, Miyo Irino, did provide a few clues:

If you only look at this hero version [referring to Dr. Hedo in the first key visual], you might think that he is a funny character. But when he is in a lab coat, he’s… like a mad scientist, a bit cruel.

Miyo Irino

That wasn’t all! In a third clip, a glasses-wearing Gohan tosses his specs aside before transforming into his Super Sayan form. All-out brawls are due to come, and while these fights are the only ones confirmed so far, it’s anyone’s guess whether Goten, Trunks, and Pan will get into the action as well. 

A new piece of concept art also revealed the Red Ribbon Army’s base. Set in the cliffside beside a waterfall, the sprawling metropolis is certainly impressive both on an artistic level and for what it may mean for the plot. What other technical advancements has the army made? We’ll have to wait and see.

Concept art of a scene from the upcoming film Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO showing the Red Ribbon Army base.
Dragon Ball’s story has gone intergalatic, but this film is bringing the plot back down to Earth. Pic credit: Toei Animations

Akio also mentioned that the reason the Red Ribbon Army was chosen as the film’s villains was because the team wanted to set the events on Earth. Leaders within the army have all had their own motivations and beliefs so Akio believes they make for an interesting antagonist. Talk of a complicated relationship within the Red Ribbon Army’s ranks is certainly interesting, but it’s too early to tell what that will mean within the story. 

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