Dragon Ball Z earbuds collab features Golden Frieza model by final and ag

Dragon Ball Z x final and ag collaboration
Relive the past in style! Pic credit: final and ag

November 30 is about revisiting the Dragon Ball past, and this collaboration with final and ag proves it! Not only are these earbuds packaged in the art of Goku and Vegeta’s first battle, but they feature audio from the Japanese voice actors!

And the cases look like the Saiyan spaceship pods! But it’s not just Goku and Vegeta getting the earbud treatment.

Frieza is getting two designs, and one of them isn’t available for sale!

Dragon Ball Z x final and ag collaboration
Will you be one of the lucky ones to win a Golden Frieza earbud model? Pic credit: final and ag

What is this collaboration about?

Before anyone panics, I know Golden Frieza belongs to Ressurection F and Dragon Ball Super. But that didn’t stop this collaboration from making them!

There will only be 53 models of the Golden Frieza, and you can try to win one by buying any of the earbuds! Someone took the golden tickets from Willy Wonka and gave them to Frieza.

If you haven’t seen or read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 53 random models will come with a winning ticket. The winning ticket will reveal how you can claim your Golden Frieza earbuds.

The Goku and Vegeta sets are 19,800 yen and come in SS/SS/M/L/LL. Frieza’s white and purple model is 7,480 yen and comes in SS/S/M.

All models come with a USB-C charging cable, and the price includes tax. In addition, this collaboration will permanently add to their online and special electronics stores.

What else do we know about these earbuds?

Each model will include an original and familiar dialogue from the Japanese voice actor of the model. For example, Takasei Nakao, the voice of Frieza, will only be available on the Frieza models.

The sound quality is meant to be an ASMR experience and make the listener feel like they are in a recording studio. Each model has up to 20 hours of music playback; the earbuds have five hours on a single charge.

They’re compatible with Bluetooth and work with many models, including iPhone and Android. The charging time is 1.5 hours for the body and 2 hours for the case.

You can find an electronic instruction manual as a downloadable link on any of the final websites. I’m torn between the Vegeta and the Frieza models.

I imagine Goku’s voice would cheer me up, but there’s something about having The Prince of All Saiyans and Frieza in my ears that’s thrilling.

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