Michael Jordan Naruto sneakers shoe teased by Jumpman23 Twitter – Top Anime shoes are an inspired phenomena

Naruto Jordan sneakers shoes

A Jordan Naruto sneakers shoe project is being teased by the official Jumpman Twitter account. While it’ll be awesome to hit the streets in the “Shinobi Way”, anime sneakers are hardly a new phenomenon. UPDATE April 26, 2022: The new Jordan Naruto sneakers shoe design has been unveiled since the initial publishing of this article. … Read more

Dragon Ball Z on Netflix in 2019? Report claims Dragon Ball Z Kai coming to Netflix November 15, but Netflix says there’s ‘no news’

Dragon Ball Z Kai poster

Is Dragon Ball Z coming to Netflix in November 2019? Spanish-language websites are spreading a report claiming that ANMTV Brazil revealed Netflix would receive Dragon Ball Z Kai, the remastered and recut version of the anime series that originally aired in Japan from 2009 to 2014. Supposedly, Toei Animation and Netflix signed an agreement for … Read more