Dragon Ball Z on Netflix in 2019? Report claims Dragon Ball Z Kai coming to Netflix November 15, but Netflix says there’s ‘no news’

Dragon Ball Z Kai poster
Reports are claiming that the HD Dragon Ball Z Kai is coming to Netflix in November 2019. Pic credit: FUNimation/Toei Animation

Is Dragon Ball Z coming to Netflix in November 2019?

Spanish-language websites are spreading a report claiming that ANMTV Brazil revealed Netflix would receive Dragon Ball Z Kai, the remastered and recut version of the anime series that originally aired in Japan from 2009 to 2014.

Supposedly, Toei Animation and Netflix signed an agreement for all 167 episodes for the extended international broadcast of Dragon Ball Z Kai. The release date for Dragon Ball Z Kai on Netflix reportedly is November 15, 2019.

This release would be quite the big deal since Dragon Ball Z Kai anime remastered the entire DBZ series in high definition. The original dubbing was also redone. The only negative is that it was significantly shorter (or faster-paced), and censored for blood.

The Dragon Ball Z Kai anime also came with a new HD opening and ending.

However, fans reached out to the streaming giant on the official Netflix Help Twitter account to see if the reports from Latin America were accurate.

While Netflix Help did not outright deny the report that Dragon Ball Z Kai is coming to Netflix in 2019, they did say there is currently “no news” of such an event.

“Hey there! No news on if/when Dragon Ball Z Kai would be coming to Netflix,” Netflix Help responded. “You can definitely make sure to follow us on Social Media to stay up to date with all of the shows/movies coming and going from Netflix!”

To put this Netflix response in perspective, Brazilian website ANMTV was the first to have the exclusive news in Latin America that Saint Seiya: Knights Of The Zodiac would be coming to Netflix.

Therefore, these reports of Dragon Ball Z Kai coming to Netflix could be accurate, but it’s possible Netflix and Toei Animation are not ready to officially make the announcement. Even if the report is correct, it should be considered unverified. It’s also possible the exact release of November 15 could be incorrect.

Is Dragon Ball Z on Netflix U.S., UK, or Canada?

So, if you can’t currently watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix in the U.S., then where can you watch the series with an English dub? Amazon Prime Video sells the three seasons of Dragon Ball Z Kai for streaming on their service, but you’d have to pay $94.97 for all the episodes.

The Dragon Ball Z English dub and its respective movies are also available on FUNimation Now, but you have to pay the monthly $5.99 subscription.

Anime fans in Canada, the United Kingdom, and other regions also have access to Dragon Ball Z streaming on FUNimation.

Unfortunately, FUNimation’s Dragon Ball Z Kai page doesn’t include the actual episodes, but they do provide interviews with DBZ English dub voice actors like Chris Sabat and Sean Schemmel.

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