Extreme Hearts release date revealed by trailer preview – Creator of Nanoha provides more details

The new key visual taken from Extreme Hearts today.
The new key visual taken from Extreme Hearts today. Pic credit: Extreme Hearts Official

More details on the upcoming anime Extreme Hearts by the creator of Nanoha came out at AnimeJapan 2022 this past weekend, including a new key visual and a new preview trailer for the series, as well as a confirmed release date. The series is the first project that Masaki Tsuzuki has worked on since 2018, marking 4 years since his last project. In interviews, he’s said that he’s put his heart and soul into creating its concept.

The Extreme Hearts release date is on July 9, 2022.

An Extreme Hearts preview trailer for the series was released today, which you can watch below:

What is Extreme Hearts about?

The description for Extreme Hearts is as follows:

This is a story set in a future that’s set just a little after our present.

Using support items called “Extreme Gear,” the sports played with those are titled “Extreme Sports,” making themselves a very popular hobby from children to adults and everyone in between. A high school singer with no intention or experience playing High-Pass Sports named Hiyori Hayama finds herself entangled in the scene after a chance encounter leads to a certain incident.

“This is the story of how we met the best friends we’d ever have.”

Additional details behind the series are few and far between, but it’s clear that the series will also stray into idol territory, with our main character taking the stage. It’s possible that these taking the stage segments could be in the vein of Uma Musume, where the girls sing as a celebration for winning a race or taking part in an event. We don’t know much about what these Extreme Sports will be just yet, though!

A new key visual for the anime was also released at AnimeJapan 2022, which you can see below:

Who is the staff behind the series?

As mentioned previously, the creator of Nanoha, Masaki Tsuzuki, is the creator behind the show. He will also be serving as the main scriptwriter. Junji Nishimura, a man who’s worked on too many series to name, will serve as the director, while Issei Aragaki, the character designer behind the members of the Nanoha cast, will be the lead character designer for Extreme Hearts.

Curiously, the studio for the series has yet to be announced. It’s hard to make an estimate of who may be tackling the animation for the series, either, considering the lengthy work history and studio hopping of both Masaki and Nishimura.

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