Uma Musume Pretty Derby 2022 anime is streaming new episode to celebrate anniversary

The front of the school from Uma Musume.
The entrance to the horse girl high school. Pic credit: Cygames

To celebrate the first anniversary of the game, the studio behind Uma Musume put out a special anime episode on PakuTube, Gold Ship’s YouTube channel.

The special features the original cast of the anime reprising their previous parts, with a special focus on Kitasan Black and Satono Diamond.

You can check it out here:

One interesting thing to note is that all seasons of Uma Musume thus far have featured pairs of protagonists, so the inclusion of both Kitasan Black and Satono Diamond in this special might suggest that, in an upcoming season, they might feature as the leads, as they were featured in previous seasons of the anime as kids looking up to the horse girls, with Satono Diamond being a huge fan of Mejiro McQueen, the deuteragonist of Uma Musume Season 2.

Alternatively, it could be a nice callback to the tenacity of the series and the legacy it’s built over the years through the rivalries and camaraderie that has come to define the series. It’s possible that they included this to show the future of the franchise in a more metaphorical sense — to show what’s happened with the characters in the time between seasons, or to show how the past seasons impacted the future of both Kitasan Black and Satono Diamond in how they chose to pursue their futures.

Either way, it’s a lovely little episode that you should definitely check out!

What is the special about?

The special follows Kitasan Black through Tracen Academy’s spring entrance ceremony and chronicles her adventures as she meets the colorful cast of characters that have come to define the franchise. There, she meets Satono Diamond, who she grows to treasure as both a best friend and a rival. The anime marks the beginning of the future that awaits the two of them, whatever it may be.

What is Uma Musume’s one-year anniversary event?

To celebrate Uma Musume’s one-year anniversary on the 24th of this year, they’ve partnered with several games and companies to raise awareness for the event with exclusive merchandise (in the case of FamilyMart), events (a Granblue collab), and in-game resource drops and free gacha rolls to thank players for all of their support thus far and encourage more people to join in on the Uma Musume experience. We’re excited to see what else they do next!

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