Fate/EXTRA Record Trailer 2022 from Wadarco Exhibition in Tokyo now online

Saber charges up the Aestus Estus in the Fate/EXTRA Record game currently in development.
It seems that Saber hasn’t lost her fighting spirit and still relies heavily on her devastatingly powerful crimson sword. Pic credit: TYPE-MOON studio BB/TYPE-MOON

The long-anticipated Fate/EXTRA remake finally receives an action-packed trailer that has stunned fans! TYPE-MOON studio BB, the developer behind this dungeon crawler, initially showed it at Wadarco Exhibition. And this was part of an art exhibition of the Fate series that began on July 21, 2022, at Matsuya Ginza, Toyko. 

Fortunately, series fans not present at this exhibition didn’t have to wait too long for a reveal of this amazing trailer. The developer uploaded the Fate/EXTRA Record Trailer 2022 on their YouTube channel on July 31, 2022.

From the get-go, the trailer shows the lead heroine, Saber, making a dramatic entry. Immediately noticeable is the excellent cel-shading and animation displayed by Saber and the rest of the characters. However, this is currently the trend in many popular games developed in Japan, such as Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Rin Toosaka shares a secret with Rani VIII in a scene from the Fate/EXTRA Record 2022 trailer.
Rin Toosaka and Rani VIII also make an appearance in the trailer shown at the Wadarco Exhibition. Pic credit: TYPE-MOON studio BB/TYPE-MOON

Several characters that make a brief appearance in the trailer include the likes of Rin Toosaka, Rani VIII, Hakuno Kishinami, Archer, Lancer, Rider, and Shinji Matou.

And a few of these characters showcase their trademark powers and skills in a dynamic fashion. Thus, showing the creativity of the TYPE-MOON studio BB team and the capabilities of Unreal Engine, the underlying technology that powers Fate/EXTRA Record.

While the game seems to be at an advanced stage of development, there’s no news of a release date or target platform details yet. That’s unfortunate, as Fate/EXTRA Record presents a significant visual jump to the original game launched on the Sony PSP in Japan on July 22, 2010.

How did Fate/EXTRA fans react to the trailer?

Fans excited about the trailer made their feelings know on TYPE-MOON studio BB’s official Twitter account.

Blue Eyes (Aome) Lifetime Honorary Kaiba President tweeted the following:

This translates as follows in English:

Oh cool, cool
I’ve been waiting! !
I’ve been waiting! !
I can’t die until this game comes out! ! !

Bulgogi tweeted the following:

This reads as follows:

Wow! ! I’m so excited! !

And Reza Berfaedah asked the most crucial question:

But what about the Fate/EXTRA Record gameplay?

Saber saves Hakuno Kishinami inside a cavernous area in the latest Fate/EXTRA Record trailer.
Saber rescues Hakuno Kishinami in a short but dramatic scene. Pic credit: TYPE-MOON studio BB/TYPE-MOON

While the trailer impressed with its gorgeous visuals, it didn’t reveal much about the gameplay. It only showed a few set pieces of battle encounters that may make their way into the finished product. And we do hope that’s the case, as those few bite-sized scenes were exceptional!

However, TYPE-MOON studio BB revealed some early gameplay footage in their Fate/EXTRA Record – 1st Trailer on July 22, 2020.

Even at this earlier stage of development, the characters and environments look great. Saber and Hakuno Kishinami explore a cavernous dungeon area. Then, Saber engages a mechanical enemy in typical turn-based combat.

A bit later, arch nemesis — Rider — makes an appearance together with Shinji Matou. Saber and Rider engage in a stylistic duel that knocks it out of the ballpark. The trailer ends with another key antagonist — Archer — initiating Unlimited Blade Works.

While this is only a taste of what’s to come, it makes us understand why such a hotly anticipated title has many of its long-time series fans in a frenzy. Since Type-Moon Studio BB consists of former staff from Square Enix, we expect they’ve set the bar high on the quality front.

And since we mentioned staff, the following are involved in the development of Fate/EXTRA Record:

  • Arco Wada – Character design
  • Takashi Takeuchi – Original character concept
  • Kinoku Nasu – Original story and scenario
  • Kazuya Niino – Planning and direction

We’ll be keeping an eye on this one and hope to hear more news about a release date and platform details soon. Stay tuned!

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