Genshin Impact anime confirmed by Studio Ufotable concept trailer

Lumine and Aether holding hands while standing in a field in the Genshin Impact concept trailer.
It wouldn’t be Genshin Impact without Aether and Lumine. Pic credit: Ufotable/miHoYo Co., Ltd.

Genshin Impact fans have been waiting patiently for this news for some time. But finally, we have confirmation of the rumored anime adaptation of the popular action RPG. On September 16, 2022, an official announcement on HoYoverse states that it’s collaborating on a long-term project with Ufotable.

Yes, that Ufotable, the animation studio responsible for the award-winning Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train. Definitely, a good choice, as this studio creates slick and memorable action scenes that will suit Genshin Impact.

Very little has been revealed about the upcoming animation project, except for a concept trailer, which briefly shows stunning landscape vistas and landmarks of Teyvat. Yet the imagery seemingly possesses a bit of that Studio Ghibli magic!

Furthermore, the trailer also shows Paimon, Aether, and Lumine. It seems that these characters may play a key role in the upcoming anime project. That would make sense, given how integral these characters are to the game.

What’s the deal with Genshin Impact? 

As mentioned earlier, it’s an action RPG that’s hugely popular. But better known for its open-world map, which encourages exploration and offers many unique challenges. The player can control one of the four interchangeable characters that make up a party and change them on the fly during battle.

Since characters have different strengths and skills, the player must choose a character most suitable for dealing with a particular situation. And similar to other RPGs, character enhancements happen through leveling up, equipping weapons, and upgrading artifacts.

Genshin Impact’s developed and published by Shanghai-based miHoYo for several platforms. These include Android, iOS, Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and even Nvidia’s cloud service — GeForce Now. miHoYo has released a Nintendo Switch teaser trailer, but they haven’t announced a release date yet.

Genshin Impact initially launched on September 28, 2020, and generated a whopping US$3 billion in its first year. That’s the highest amount of revenue of any video game to date. Not bad for a free-to-play game with gacha play mechanics, right?

And the impressive results don’t end there, as the massively popular game received awards from the App Store and Google Play, among many other nominations.

About the locales shown in the trailer

Paimon is flying through a forest area in the Genshin Impact concept trailer.
Paimon makes a brief appearance in the Genshin Impact concept trailer. Pic credit: Ufotable/miHoYo Co., Ltd.

The trailer’s short duration gives us little to go on. However, we did spot a few notable locations from the game, which may end up in the anime.

The atmospheric and visually stunning plains of Mondstadt immediately impressed us. Then, there’s the towering Dragonspine mountain range, the tallest in Teyvat. And finally, we get a brief look at one of the Statues of the Seven.

Considering how beautifully conceived these all appear in the trailer, we have high expectations for the anime. Let’s hope we hear more news about a release date soon. Stay tuned!

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