Goblin Slayer tabletop roleplaying game (TRPG) allows fans to enter the series’ world

Goblin Slayer tabletop roleplaying game cover — created by Group SNE.
Dream of waking up in your favorite anime setting? The Goblin Slayer tabletop roleplaying game offers the next best thing. Pic credit: Noboru Kannatuki and White Fox

Worlds collide: Kumo Kagyu and Noboru Kannatuki’s Goblin Slayer tabletop roleplaying game gives anime and roleplaying game fans the best of everything. Gather your friends to play the role of High Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman, Lizard Priest, and more! English-speaking fans can pick up the paperback rulebook on July 19, 2022, or preorder it from major retailers now!

The Goblin Slayer TTRPG — first released in Japan back in 2019 — gives fans a streamlined way to get involved in the series’ world. Dive into one of two premade adventures penned by light novel writer Kumo Kagyu. Or use the book’s rules to create your own.

Writer Kawajin Tadaaki also released a light novel based on a campaign played in the Goblin Slayer tabletop roleplaying game back in 2019. It’s unknown whether Goblin Slayer! TRPG Replay will receive an English translation too, but depending on the gamebook’s success, it’s certainly a possibility. 

Where can I buy the Goblin Slayer tabletop roleplaying game?

Head over to publisher Yen Press to find a retailer for the Goblin Slayer tabletop roleplaying game. Currently, paperback copies of the book are available for preorder from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more!

Be sure to check your local comic book store for the rulebook as well. Many stores are glad to order copies of media for fans. Your requests may help others near you find great content on their local shelves. And it may make finding a group to play the Goblin Slayer tabletop roleplaying game much easier.

Those wanting the convenience of having a copy of the rulebook on their phone can pickup a digital copy. Similar to the paperback release, the digital version releases on July 19th. Fans can find a copy at retailers such as Book☆Walker, comiXology, and more. 

What other anime tabletop roleplaying games are available?

The Goblin Slayer tabletop roleplaying game isn’t the first anime roleplaying game and certainly won’t be the last! In 2014, 7-Sided Workshop released a Log Horizon TTRPG. The Log Horizon roleplaying game currently only has an official Japanese release, but depending on the success of the latest Goblin Slayer RPG, publishers may take interest in translating more games in the future!

Sword World RPG, created by Group SNE, is a high fantasy system that inspired both the Legend of Crystania and Record of Lodoss War series which have been turned into novels, video games, anime, and more. While it has yet to receive an English release, fans have banded together to give this game the airtime it deserves. The Sword World 2.0 subreddit provides fan translations and a place to find like-minded people to get a campaign started.

For English-only speakers who want physical copies of the gamebooks, however, there are some Japanese tabletop roleplaying games with official translations. One such release is Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy RPG which allows players to explore an original whimsical fairytale setting akin to popular MMORPGs such as Ragnarok Online or Final Fantasy XI. 

Sites such as DriveThruRPG have thousands of tabletop roleplaying games in stock — both in physical and digital formats. Browse through their selection of Japanese-made or anime-inspired titles or even use a generic system such as FATE or GURPS to design a game based on your favorite anime!

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