Himeno was ‘best mom’ in Chainsaw Man!

Chainsaw Man manga chapter 17 cover image
Chainsaw Man manga chapter 17 cover visual. Pic credit: Chainsaw Man PR

Himeno was a lot of things and left us too soon. However, her Ghost Devil has one of the best designs in the Chainsaw Man series, and we might see it again.

The flashbacks make Himeno feel fleshed out and might have known something about Makima.

Chainsaw Man Episode 8 ED video screenshot
Chainsaw Man Episode 8 ED video featuring Himeno smoking. Pic credit: MAPPA

Easy Revenge

Himeno has seen several of her Buddies die and is very attached to Aki. Although she does say she’ll kill Denji to stop Aki from using the Curse Devil, she isn’t blindly devoted to Aki.

It was her idea to have a party for the rookies, and she asked Denji if he had any beer when he said he thought he was 16. But, of course, this doesn’t stop her from carrying Denji to her apartment.

And she got Aki into smoking to help him take the edge off Devil hunting. Finally, Himeno protects Kobeni from Power and reveals her powers without hesitation.

Thanks to Chainsaw Man Episode 9, we know that Kobeni didn’t need protection. But it showed Himeno is more than capable of getting results.

After all, how can you beat something you can’t see or touch? And is it possible for a Devil to become affectionate towards a human without being contracted to them?

This next part will have spoilers from the manga, so don’t read it if you’re anime-only.

What is the Ghost Devil?

The Ghost Devil is a combination of three things. The head is a nod to a classic Japanese ghost, the body appears to be a bunch of daisies, and it walks on countless hands.

Its eyes and mouth have stitches, and it can sense people through fear! But that doesn’t mean the Ghost Devil isn’t afraid of other Devils or immune from everything.

The Ghost Devil didn’t want to join the fight because it feared the Snake Devil user. And this turned out to be justified, as the Snake Devil could eat the Ghost Devil’s head.

Sadly, this happened after Himeno’s death, but could this work out for the best? Unfortunately, some Devils like making contracts with multiple humans.

And we don’t know how long Ghost was with Himeno. But, since Ghost’s hand was invisible most of the time, it should know Aki reasonably well.

And how much he meant to Himeno. Sadly, I doubt the anime will show their next meeting and how it ends.

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