Hololive auditions for VTuber boys members begin in English: Do you want to be the next male Hololive anime star?

Promotional material for Holostars's Journey to Find Stars event.
Cover is now holding auditions for a new roster of Hololive male Vtubers. Pic credit: Cover

For the longest time, Hololive has been a girl’s club. But Cover is now seeking boys to join in on the fun! Back on December 28th 2021, Cover started their search for new VTuber talent. And now, Hololive auditions are open for those wanting to take on the role of male characters.

It’s likely that this Hololive casting call is an answer to Nijisanji En’s popular fourth and fifth wave. With VTubers like demon Vox Akuma gaining 200,000 Youtube subscribers in only one month and novelist Ike Eveland receiving over 100,000 views weekly, the success of male VTubers speaks for itself.

What do those with an itch to be among Hololive’s next wave need to do? Head on over to Hololive’s English website. There you will find a list of guidelines and a form to submit your application. If chosen, Cover will reach out within a month for an interview. Those lucky to pass the selection process will have their male VTuber debut.

What do I need to be a male Hololive VTuber?

First and foremost, it’s important to distinguish that only the character needs to be male. Voice talent of any gender can apply so long as they are comfortable performing as a male persona. The only personal stipulation is that performers must be over the age of 18.

The most important requirement is the ability to produce content. At a minimum, talent is responsible for delivering content three times a week over the course of one year. The content itself is up to the creator, but gaming, singing, and art streams have proven popular for past Hololive streamers.

Those selected by Cover will also receive a fully-rigged Live2D model as well as an iPhone for content creation. Both are free of charge but are part of a contract with Cover. Following the unfortunate allegations regarding Uruha Rushia’s termination, one should be mindful of any signed agreements.

How do I nail a Hololive audition?

Going off of Hololive Production’s VTuber application form, applicants must create a 5-minute character introduction video. The video — which can be audio-only if preferred —must be uploaded to Youtube unlisted. Any additional character backstory should be provided in the video description. While one can use their own VTube model for demonstration purposes, Cover will provide selected talent with an in-house model before an official debut.

Having a Youtube or Twitch channel that showcases one’s talents as a content creator is a great way to stand out. Other social media such as an active Twitter account is also useful to gauge a creator’s ability to grow and maintain followers.

That said, the application process isn’t restricted to those with a large following. Having the skills to entertain an audience and the drive to produce content on a consistent basis is the most important part of all. Whether that’s gaming commentary, playing music, drawing, or something unique entirely, having the charisma to keep viewers engaged for hours speaks louder than a follower count.

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