Housing Complex C Episode 2: Mismatched Buttons increased the tension but gave us more questions! [Review]

Housing Complex C
As if having monsters and an unbearable heat to deal with wasn’t enough. Now we have to worry about people turning into moss? Pic credit: Akatsuki

We didn’t see any monsters on screen in the new episode for Housing Complex C, but Mismatched Buttons was far from carefree. Since I already reviewed episode 1, Optical Illusions, I’ll focus on Housing Complex c Episode 2 this time.

You can read my review of it here! And if you haven’t watched Housing Complex C, there will be spoilers.

We also know that episode 4 is called The End of the Line, but will anyone survive to see it?

Housing Complex C
How dare they defile syrup! Pic credit: Akatsuki

The anime might be trying too hard

Housing Complex C Episode 2: Mismatched Buttons starts shortly after episode 1 ends. Hideo and Momo have gone missing, and large quantities of moss were growing inside Hideo’s room.

But the police didn’t suspect foul play due to lack of signs of struggle and said the moss grew inside because the apartment was dirty. Now moss can grow inside, but it needs to be in a damp and well-lit area.

We only saw Hideo’s room a couple of times, but it wasn’t well-lit, and the moss in his room resembled a human body. As for Momo, we didn’t see anything unusual before episode 1 ended, but the rest of the apartment appeared to have the opposite problem.

Plenty of light, but due to the summer heat, there didn’t seem to be any damp areas. Tensions between the interns and Wada have increased to the point where Wada’s comments are getting into racist territory.

She doesn’t say anything to make watching the rest of the show impossible, but she could have approached how the interns left their clothes all over the communal washing area differently. Kimi decides that they should go ahead with shaved ice party, so she asks Yuri’s mom to make a block of ice.

Keiko agrees but says she doesn’t have the syrup to go with the ice. After some discussion, the interns are asked to make the syrup to bring all the residents together.

But strange events keep happening. Someone keeps leaving piles of dead animals and fish in front of Kimi’s apartment.

Kan claims that he’s been burying them in the woods so Kimi won’t see them, and Yoshkin decides to up his nightly patrols. Rumors have spread that the interns are somehow responsible for the disappearance of Momo and Hideo.

And we hear some creepy songs that highly suggest that people will turn into moss to be reunited with their loved ones. But the girls don’t focus on that because the ice and syrup are ready for the party.

Kan lets Kimi taste the syrup, and she says it’s better than anything they could buy at the market. She and Yuri carry the syrup downstairs while Kan stays to change his clothes.

The party begins, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves at first. But Rubel asks Taka if he thinks the syrup tastes strange and asks him to taste it again.

Taka agrees and quickly heads to the pot and asks Kimi to let him have the ladle so he can check something. She gives it to him, and Taka scoops up a severed dog’s head making Kimi scream.

But one of the other residents realizes that Yoshkin wasn’t at the party. So he rushes to the apartment where Yoshkin and his wife live, but after breaking in, he only finds a few small piles of moss.

Where are the other people in Kurosaki?

Kimi shares another one-sided discussion with someone or something she calls Mommy, but we don’t see or hear her. We don’t see the police or anyone else outside of the complex.

Regular locations like a market are mentioned, and it seems some residents try to be friendly with their new neighbors by giving them housewarming gifts. Except the food items are past their expiration date.

There’s a lot of focus on Kimi being necessary because her name means King, and the offerings are placed outside her apartment. But we already knew she was essential due to the flashback in episode 1.

Kimi was also the first to taste the syrup, and we didn’t see anyone else near it before the party. So what I want to know is what role Yuri plays.

The ending song animation hints that she might not be what she appears to be. I adore a lot of creepy imagery, like the top picture.

Why is Yuri the one with her eyes open? And will Kimi be a victim or a monster in the end? Let me know what you think about Housing Complex C down below!

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