Housing Complex C Episode 3 has dropped a bombshell [Review]

Housing Complex C
Three episodes down, and Rubel is the only smart one. Is Kimi somehow to blame for what’s happing? Pic credit: Akatsuki

On October 16, 2022, Housing Complex C, episode 3: The Wheel Comes Full Circle, answered many questions. First, we know why Kimi’s mom hasn’t been seen or heard, except in the opening song, in a clever way.

And Rubel may be the most intelligent character in the anime. He did the best he could but ultimately decided to leave the complex.

Will this ensure his survival will have to be seen. And we might have figured out what Kimi is, but I still don’t trust Yuri.

In case you haven’t seen the first two episodes, you can read my reviews on them here and here.

Housing Complex C
As if having monsters and an unbearable heat to deal with wasn’t enough. Now we have to worry about people turning into moss? Pic credit: Akatsuki

The Wheel Comes Full Circle

We see a police officer! Which means the monsters haven’t been killing people off-screen, but what have they been doing?

No one knows who put the dog’s head into the syrup, and no one can be charged because no one was harmed. Although drinking blood is against the intern’s religion, the head looked intact.

But the police couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything, even though people were going missing and someone kept leaving piles of fish and dead animals on the grounds. So everyone decides to watch each other’s backs and appoint watch captains during the night.

But Taka knows this will only make things worse, and it isn’t long before a group of residents attacks Kan when they find him with a chicken’s body. Because Kan has difficulty explaining himself, his fellow interns turn against him, much to Rubel’s disgust.

And not even Kimi can ease the tension, but she does reveal that she knew about the animal carcasses. On the night Rubel left, he talked with Taka, and they saw a rainbow over the complex.

Taka is horrified and discovers that the holy site is underneath Complex C! Sadly, this is the last time we see Taka as a human.

How it all comes together

Kan asks the girls to tell him where Taka lives so he can ask for his advice, but they discover that Taka isn’t there. So the three decide to investigate the storage room due to Kimi’s intuition, and someone has torn apart all of Hideao’s drawings.

It turns out that the rock Taka found in episode 1 was a key that unlocked a small tunnel. Kimi and Yuri are the only ones who can climb through, and they discover a well-lit room.

With a mural on the walls, odd rock formations dangling from the ceiling, and moss growing on the floor. Yuri doesn’t understand the words, but she uses the pictures to understand the mural.

An octopus figure died, and the fish beings were sad, so they went to the Mountain God and sacrificed themselves to him. But a group of humans came and attacked.

Kimi begs Yuri to stop, and they rejoin Kan. Then, with nothing to show for their efforts, the three reluctantly head home.

But it’s worth noting that Yuri promised to protect Kimi and called herself her sister. This could be Yuri’s way of trying to help, but the two have been at odds since Kimi scared Yuri.

And of course, the big reveal of Kimi’s, “mom.” Why does she look like an embryo, and how long has she been like that?

The episode ends with Kimi asking her mom if the wheel will come around on everything with a sad look on her face. Kimi also received glimpses of the flashback from episode 1, but she hasn’t displayed any powers.

Is Kimi the Mountain God, and if so, does this mean the fish monsters will sacrifice themselves to her? Not to mention Yuri’s dad going crazy in the preview for the final episode.

Will everyone turn into moss or suffer a worse fate? I can’t wait to find out in Housing Complex C Episode 4!

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