Hyperinflation anime PV trailer hints at a new adaptation of Shonen Jump+ manga series

Still image from the Hyperinflation PV featuring character Haru.
Could Shonen Jump+ manga Hyperinflation be getting an anime adaptation? Pic credit: @sumiyosikyu/Twitter

The official Twitter for the Hyperinflation manga released a PV in celebration of the Shonen Jump Plus series. Kyuu Sumiyoishi’s popular series — and Ebook Japan 2022 Manga Award nominee — has gained popularity in Japan. But will it receive an anime adaptation like the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime? We’ll have to wait and see!

On May 2, 2022, Volume 4 of the Hyperinflation manga will be available for Japanese readers. Those curious about the series can read up to nine chapters for free on Shonen Jump’s website. Currently, there is no confirmation of an international release date, but the new PV trailer has hopefully brought more attention to the series. Stay tuned for more details!

Unfortunately for English readers, there is no official translation of the Hyperinflation manga. Despite companies such as VIZ — who recently released the first seven SPY x FAMILY volumes — publishing many Shonen series in the West, Hyperinflation has eluded the market.  

What is the plot of the Hyperinflation manga?

Chased from their homes by a greedy empire, the villagers of Gabul’s lives are in a constant state of turmoil. Luke and his family are among them, and despite his parents’ attempts to protect him and his older sister, it comes at the cost of their own lives. After finding a shallow well for their children to hide, Luke’s parents stand their ground against their attackers only to be cut down.

After the loss of his parents, Luke’s troubles only grow worse. While traveling with a small group of survivors — an elderly woman and baby — he is accosted by imperials seeking wealth through the slave trade. Luke has a saving grace, however. He presents the men with gold coins to buy his party’s freedom. And seeing as the sum is astounding, he’s successful.

Despite their excitement, the imperials start to question how a ‘primitive’ Gabul could gain such an impressive collection of gold. While bragging at a local tavern, the men encounter a trader who shares with them the true nature of the coin. Using a scratch test, he proves the money to be fake, but what intrigues him is that there’s someone skilled in making counterfeit coins.

Back at the remnants of the village, Luke has difficulty not just with the encroaching empire but with his own people. After having caught wind of his counterfeit operation, the chieftain has him imprisoned. His sister — the shrine maiden Haru — visits him. While the others believe he’ll only rile up the empire to attack, Haru wishes to hear him out.

Unlike the rest of the village that wishes to stay far away from the imperials, Luke dreams of making them an offer they can’t refuse. Using his counterfeit operation, he hopes to build a profitable industry in the village so none of them will ever risk becoming slaves again. The rest of the village, unfortunately, doesn’t see eye-to-eye with his plan and demands that he be executed.

Luckily for Luke, the old woman and baby return to share favorable news with the chieftain. Because the boy was able to use his counterfeit money to purchase medicine, the infant is no longer ill. Many may be skeptical, but they can’t deny the results. The village agrees to allow Luke to continue his operation with the hope that he can use the money earned to save others.

Whether Luke and his people will be successful in freeing themselves from their oppressors is something fans will have to read and see. Will starting a profitable industry be as profitable as Luke plans? And what of the traders who have caught wind of his counterfeit operation? Luke may have an uphill battle to take on, but after a divine gift manifests itself, his dreams prove to not be so wild after all.

What other manga was featured in the Ebook Japan 2022 awards?

Between December and January, fans took part in a voting campaign to select 2022’s best manga out of a list of twenty. Among the nominees was Hyperinflation. But, unfortunately, the series didn’t make the top three. That said, the awards highlighted many great manga titles that those in the market for something new to read should check out.

Coming in first place was Monster No.8, a kaiju battle anime created by Naoya Matsumoto that follows 32-year-old Kafka Hibino — a man who’s given up on his dreams of fighting monster attacks in his home city until mysterious circumstances lead him to undergo a powerful transformation. English readers can read or purchase the manga at VIZ’s website.

The second-place winner was Karin Anzai’s shoujo series It Takes More Than a Pretty Face to Fall in Love. Highschooler Sana Chiken is excited for her Freshman year — particularly because of an attractive upperclassman who attends the same school. The two meet in the halls on the first day, but the encounter doesn’t go as Sana expects. Read the manga on Comikey to find out why.

In third place was John Tarachine’s Umi ga Hashiru End Roll. After a trip to the cinema, 65-year-old Umiko Chino bumps into a young film student who — after a brief conversation — agrees to help fix her VCR and watch a film together. Films have become a source of comfort for her after her husband’s death, and she opens up to her new friend about her thoughts and feelings. What she doesn’t expect, however, is his suggestion for her to make a film of her own. Currently, there is no official English translation, but Japanese readers can pick up the first volume on Ebook Japan’s website.

The winner of the book staff pick award was Aki Mochida’s Golden Raspberry, a josei series following 32-year-old Keisuke Kitakata who works managing artists in the idol industry. Unfortunately, after an artist gives a public interview about Keisuke’s aloof nature, he loses his job and falls into becoming a NEET. Read a preview of the manga in Japanese on Ebook Japan and purchase the first volume.

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