Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague anime adaptation announced

Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague
Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague anime adaptation announced. Pic credit: Zero-G and Liber/Twitter

Some of the coolest news of Summer 2022 just dropped with the announcement of the Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague anime adaptation in the works.

The news became official on June 16, 2022, with the debut of a website and Twitter account for the upcoming series.

The series, which is both written and illustrated by Miyuki Tonogaya has been running on the Square Enix manga website, Gangan Pixiv, since July 2019. In November 2021, Comikey licensed the series for English distribution. So far five volumes have been released, with another planned for June 2022.

Studios Zero-G (Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It) and Liber Entertainment (A3! Season Spring & Summer) will be in charge of handling the anime adaptation. According to the website, they have something planned for August 3, 2022, as it is the same day as Himuro-kun’s birthday. Right now it seems they’ll be lifting the ban on animation information on or before that date, so fans should definitely look for updated news about the series around then.

What will the series be about?

For those who are unfamiliar with Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague manga, you may be wondering what the anime adaptation will be about.

Geared toward an older female audience, this fantasy romance series follows a man named Himuro-kun. As an actual living descendent of the Snow Woman known from Japanese Folklore, he should be as cool as they come, especially around his female counterparts. Yet whenever his co-worker, Fuyutsuki-san, is around, he seems to freeze up both literally and figuratively. Maybe it’s a good thing that Fuyutsuki-san is completely oblivious to everything around her, especially his feelings, but that also leaves their relationship frozen in this strange, ice, romantic limbo as well.

The series sounds like it’s definitely going to be a fluffy one. Fans of romantic comedy animes will surely have something to look forward to with this series.

What staff and cast have been announced so far?

Along with the official anime announcement, the series also announced some of the initial staff and cast members assigned to the show so far.

So far Mankyuu is slated to direct the series. Fans will recognize him for his work on the Cinderella Girls Gekijou series.

Actress Yui Ishikawa will play the main love interest, Fuyutsuki-san. Most anime fans will know her best as the voices of Mikasa in Attack on Titan and Violet in the Violet Evergarden franchise.

Finally, playing the main character, Himuro-kun will be Chaiki Koboyashi. He has a fairly extensive body of work recently that fans are sure to recognize such as Langa in Sk8 the Infinity, Yuu in Spriggan, and Tuuichi in Tomodachi Game.

Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague full size
New visual from Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague author, Miyuki Tonogaya, to promote the series. Pic credit: Twitter

When will the anime premiere?

While an anime adaptation for the series is great news, with all good news, comes less fun news too.

Fans of this series will have to wait for more information because as of right now, no official release dates have been announced for the anime.

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