Makima must die in Chainsaw Man! (Manga spoilers)

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 screenshot, featuring Makima feeding Denji soggy Udon noodles. Pic credit: MAPPA

Makima is one of my favorite characters. She’s calm, soft-spoken, and manipulative. Even though Chainsaw Man Episode 8 shows, it’s possible to get the drop on her.

But if there’s one thing that anime/manga loves to do, it is pulling a fast one when it comes to character death. And the best part about the Chainsaw Man anime is the massive hint it gives in the opening song!

This is your final warning. Everything from now on is common knowledge for readers who have finished Chainsaw Man Part 1 of the manga.

Although most of it is still being debated while we wait for new chapters.

Chainsaw Man
Even though he hesitates, Denji lets Makima put a live zombie snail into his mouth. Pic credit: MAPPA

The power of imagery!

Everything about Makima is meant to draw you in and put you at ease. She’s not afraid to hug Denji in episode 1 and has given him the life he’s always wanted.

After saying he can live as her pet or be killed as a Devil, of course. But all of the red flags fly over Denji’s head, not counting the one time he asks Aki if Makima is a good person.

The viewer is in the same situation as Denji. We want to see Denji live a happy life, and Makima appears genuinely concerned about his happiness.

Except when Denji isn’t in the same room as her or whenever she’s near Power. But let’s focus on the opening.

Makima is almost always surrounded by light and treats Denji like an animal. She walks him on a leash that looks like a chain, and there’s the scene where his head is in her lap.

It’s supposed to be comforting until you notice the bugs and plants. Venus Fly Traps gently bind Denji in place, and an ant appears on his hand and his head.

But the biggest hint is the snail imagery. A parasite takes over a snail to make it easier for birds to eat it so the parasite can reproduce inside the bird.

And Denji is allowing Makima to put one into his mouth.

Chainsaw Man Manga-only revelations

Makima is a perfect example of being overpowered. Not only does she have Denji wrapped around her finger, but she could potentially control everyone in the world.

Being the Control Devil comes with some interesting perks. But why didn’t she fight back in Chainsaw Man Episode 8?

Being wounded won’t affect her for long, but Makima likes to present herself a certain way. And the primary requirement for her to use her powers is to deem someone beneath her.

She can borrow the hearing of animals and insects and get inside people’s heads. Makima can also force people into contracts!

Being the Control Devil is bad enough, but Makima is also a member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. To make the world a better place, Makima intends to use Chainsaw Man to eat Death, Hunger, and War.

We know that Chainsaw Man ate some of War in Chainsaw Man part 2, but Hunger and Death haven’t been revealed.

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