Kizuna Ai anime: YouTube Vtuber’s Last Live concert announces 2022 project before hiatus

Kizuna Ai announces her new anime project. Pic credit: Kizuna Ai Corporation

Following the conclusion of Kizuna Ai’s Last Live 2022, an anime project was announced to be in production. While it’s unclear just what the anime will be about just yet, it’s important to note just how influential Kizuna Ai was in the development of the modern VTubing scene — she brought the genre to Western prominence and, despite the times changing, still stands as a landmark figure in the Japanese VTuber community.

It’ll be interesting to see how they tackle the lore of her being a virtual AI creator and to see if they bring in the other members of the Kizuna Ai extended universe to be members of the community, too.

Whatever they bring to the table, we’ve got high hopes for it here at Anime Geek!

The tweet reads:

The second big announcement! A Kizuna Ai anime project is now in production!

What was Kizuna Ai Last Live 2022?

Kizuna Ai, after her years of being a VTuber under a variety of agencies, decided to announce an indefinite hiatus from streaming. Before that hiatus started, though, she announced her intent to hold Kizuna Ai’s Hello World Last Live 2022, a free concert streamed to fans around the world.

That announcement had some fans asking, “Is Kizuna Ai retiring?” But right before her last set, she announced that the anime was currently in production.

While it’s not clear what prompted her hiatus, it’s safe to say that her sendoff was widely-celebrated, with her bringing in several prominent members from across the VTuber community to participate in the concert and them wishing her the best of luck in whatever she does next.

What other announcements took place there?

While the announcement of the anime was most certainly the biggest announcement that took place at the event, her company also revealed their plans for KIZUNA, shortened to KZN, a singing-model AI set to do activities while Kizuna Ai’s away on her indefinite hiatus.

You can check the announcement tweet out here:

It’s safe to say that, while she’s away, her company’s got a lot of tricks up its sleeve to make sure that some part of her stays in the spotlight no matter what, whether that be an alternative streamer or an anime. It’ll be interesting to see KZN’s debut and how she differs from Kizuna Ai in terms of the content streamed moving forward. Maybe she’ll even make a cameo appearance in the upcoming anime — only time will tell.

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