Kizuna no Allele anime release date confirmed in 2023 for Kizuna Ai anime

Kizuna no Allil
Kizuna Ai is getting an anime in 2023! Pic credit: En Morikura

A special illustration by En Morikura, character designer of Kizuna Ai, confirmed the upcoming anime, Kizuna no Allele. Unfortunately, most details are still unknown, but an official website exists!

Fans have been waiting for Kizuna Ai to return from her hiatus on February 26, 2022, and this is a fantastic way to do it. Her official YouTube channel still occasionally posts streams, with the latest coming out about a week ago.

Kizuna no Allele
Will the anime start with Kizuna Ai’s last concert? Pic credit: Kizuna no Allele production committee

What is Kizuna no Allele?

Kizuna no Allele is an anime project about one of the original VTubers, Kizuna Ai. Kizuna Ai’s career took off on YouTube in 2016, and she has two channels!

Her main channel contains music videos, both original and the occasional covers. In contrast, her second channel is about games and is perfect meme material.

Say what you want about horror games, but watching Kizuna will never get old. Although some fans are confused about why Kizuna is getting an anime adaptation before Hatsune Miku, many are excited for the anime to come out in 2023.

Will it be another music anime, or will it have more to the plot?

Who is Kizuna AI?

Kizuna Ai is one of the most influential VTubers. However, it’s debatable whether she was the first to do VTubing the way we know it.

But we wouldn’t have so many wonderful VTubers without her influence. Her picture and name are featured prominently on the Wikipedia page for VTubers.

And she’s been in commercials and helped with Japanese tourism. She also has a third channel on the Chinese platform, Bilibili.

Kizuna knows she is a virtual intelligence; her videos are generally 10 minutes long. Like other VTubers, her videos consist of interacting with fans, sharing life experiences, let’s plays, requests, drawing, and other things she likes to do.

Kizuna has also talked about buying friends and wanting a Wikipedia page for herself. But her channels have accepted translation subtitles from fans, thus growing her community even more.

Her videos have been translated into English, Korean, Spanish, and more. Are you excited about the Kizuna no Allele anime?

Please drop us a comment and let us know what you think about this project. And watch out for Black AI!

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