Lookism anime release date on Netflix delayed after Itaewon Tragedy in Korea

Lookism Park
The release of the Lookism anime has been delayed for now. Pic credit: Studio Mir/Youtube.

The Lookism anime release date was originally planned for November 4, 2022. But now the premiere has been delayed indefinitely.

Only a few days ago, Netflix released a new trailer for the Lookism anime ahead of its worldwide release. Now it seems that day is being pushed back even further.

It’s no surprise that Netflix is postponing the show’s release. Lookism is an upcoming anime series based on a Korean webtoon by author Park Tae-Joon. Given the recent tragedy in Itaewon, Korea, on the of their Halloween celebration, it seems appropriate to hold off as the country is in a state of mourning.

The news of Lookism’s delay was first released on Twitter. Announcements came from both the Netflix Anime account and the Studio Mir account as well.

When will Lookism premiere now?

If you were looking forward to the premiere of Lookism, you were not alone. Considering the webtoon’s popularity, it is sure to attract plenty of fans who want to see the series animated.

However, at this time, Netflix has yet to announce a new release date for the series. According to Twitter, they intend to update fans “with our new streaming date soon”.

What happened in Itaewon, Korea?

On the night of October 29th, 2022, tragedy struck in Itaewon, Korea, when a stampede broke out during their annual Halloween celebration.

Of the over 100,000 people said to be in attendance, more than 150 are reported to have lost their lives. Another 82 people and counting are said to have been injured. The victims have been reported to range in age from middle school to adults in their early thirties.

To honor the lives of the victims, Korea is currently in a week-long period of mourning that will last until midnight on November 5, 2022.

What will the Lookism anime be about?

If you haven’t heard of Lookism yet, it is an upcoming Netflix adaptation based on a Korean webtoon of the same name.

The story follows a high-school-aged boy named Park Hyung Seok, who is bullied by his fellow classmates for how he looks, specifically because he is overweight. Tired of the harassment and looking to escape his problems instead of facing them, he transfers to a new school in Seoul. It’s supposed to be his fresh start.

However, a few nights before his first day at his new school, something strange happens, and Park finds himself with two bodies. There’s his original body, and a new, fit, tall, conventionally attractive one. He soon realizes that he can switch between them, with one body sleeping while the other is in use.

During the day, Park goes out in his more handsome body and finds that he’s treated significantly better. He’s experiencing things he never imagined, including becoming a model and influencer. It’s everything he could’ve dreamed of, at least until it comes crashing back to reality at night when he returns to his normal body. Maybe with his new body, though, he’ll be able to change things.

While it may sound shallow, the series also serves as an interesting reminder of just how prevalent discrimination still is in society.

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