Mashle: Magic and Muscles trailer PV teaser released, Chiaki Kobayashi cast as Mash Burnedead

Mashle official anime promo poster
The official Mashle anime promo poster. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

The Mashle anime release date is in 2023.

On September 23, 2022, @mashle_official on Twitter revealed a new Mashle anime trailer PV. It also announced the Japanese voice actor who will voice the main character Mash Burnedead!

Many people compare the Mashle manga to Harry Potter and One Punch Man (the One Punch Man Season 3 anime is confirmed). And after reading the first volume, I agree, but I also think of Black Clover and Spy x Family!

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Mashle anime official poster of the release date.
The official Mashle anime poster announces that the Mashle release date is in 2023. Pic credit: Mashle anime / Twitter

What is Mashle?

Mashle, or Mashle: Magic and Muscles, is set in a world where magic is everywhere, and anyone can use it. You have to use it because the government will kill you if you don’t have any magic.

It doesn’t matter if you weren’t born with it, like our main character, Mash, or come down with a disease that takes away your magic. Magic is everything.

But Mash doesn’t have any. And he’s forced to go to an elite magic school and somehow become one of the top students.

And Mash must pull this off without letting anyone find out he can’t use magic! He also names his muscles, likes cream puffs, buries the vice principal alive, and manages to win a game of Duelo, the game of Brooms (think Quidditch), within the first volume.

The humor is one of the best I’ve seen all year. Mash constantly asks why people aren’t using their hands to perform simple tasks.

He’s very amiable until you cross a line like threatening his family and friends or wasting a perfectly good creampuff. Chiaki Kobayashi is voicing Mash Burnedead, and I can’t wait to watch this anime!

Too many references by Mashle?

I’m a firm believer that originality is dead. No matter what you do, your creations will be compared to others, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Because creativity is thriving, Mashle is a perfect example of this. The world full of magic and magic schools has been around for years.

But I think of Black Clover because Mash is a lot like Asta, and there’s a character with a sister complex. There’s also a character with a mother complex, but I haven’t read that far yet.

Asta wants to be the Wizard King, while Mash doesn’t want to be the Divine Visionary. Instead, he wants to live in peace with his father.

But Brad, a Magic Police Officer, offers him a deal. Become a Divine Visionary, give him the money Mash receives, and Mash will have a chance to change the government.

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