Master Poke Ball replica and Great Ball are now available from The Wand Company

The Wand Company makes this beautiful poke ball replica. Pic credit: The Wand Company

Relive your childhood with this gorgeous poke ball replica by The Wand Company. This is the closest we’ll get to have a real poke ball, but it’s official Pokemon merchandise!

The Wand Company also makes great balls, heal balls, premier balls, ultra balls, dusk balls, and the Master Ball! The poke ball is a trainer’s first ball and is where a pokemon stays when not being used in battle, competitions, playtime/walks/transportation unless it’s Pikachu.

There are many mysteries surrounding poke balls, but we have the basics. Push button, throw ball, hope it works, and always keep ample supplies.

The Great Ball is the next step in a Trainer’s collection. Pic credit: The Wand Company

What comes with the poke ball and great ball?

The poke ball comes with a box, metallic silver Celebration Year display case, polished stainless steel display ring hidden in the bottom of the display case, illustrated manual, 3 AA batteries installed in the display case, and 3 AAA batteries inside the poke ball. The poke ball weighs 291 grams and comes packaged in a full-color merchandising box over a protective EPS foam block.

The great ball comes with everything the poke ball does, but it’s slightly heavier at 293 grams. Every ball The Wand Company makes has engineered die-cast shells that are deeply colored and are sensitive to touch and proximity.

The buttons will glow the more you touch them, and the illuminated presentation cases also lift to display when you open them. Pressing the button initiates a randomized pokemon catching sequence, and you can change the color by double-pressing the button.

The presentation case comes with its own holographic identification number. The lights in the case illuminate the ball when its opens, and you can change the color by tapping the front of the case to cycle through several hues.

And the best part is that they’ll only set you back $99 USD, except for the Master ball, that’s $120 USD and is currently unavailable in the US. These replicas are available online and in certain stores but tend to sell out quickly.

You can always look around for a better deal, but if you have a chance to grab one, then don’t wait.

Which ball is right for you?

The standard red-and-white poke ball is what you’ll start with in the games. You need to weaken the pokemon until they’re in the red or close to it to have the best chance of catching it.

Great balls have a 50% catch rate compared to the poke ball. Ultra balls add an x2 modifier over the great ball.

Dusk balls work best at night but can be used in caves. Premier balls are all-white poke balls and don’t have a unique advantage.

Heal balls can fully heal your pokemon’s HP, and the Master ball will catch any pokemon without fail. But you’ll only receive one in most of the games.

There are more poke balls in the games and shows, but The Wand Company doesn’t have any on their site at this time. But if you want to collect all of their replica balls, I’d stick around as they seem to add more at a decent pace.

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