Ash Ketchum: Pokemon Master trainer his next goal after becoming World Champion?

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, Ash's favorite Pokemon

Will Ash become a Pokemon Master trainer now that he finally reached one of his major milestone goals after 25 years? When Ash and Pikachu decisively defeated Leon and his Charizard to win the World Coronation Series’ Masters Eight Finals, the conclusion of Pokemon Journeys’ finale became widely known. As a World Champion, Ash Ketchum … Read more

The Pokemon x Fossil collab unveils stunning limited edition watches

Pokemon x Fossil

On September 13, 2022, Pokemon on Twitter revealed an exciting collaboration with Fossil! You can choose between three limited edition watches or some leather goods like handbags, clutches, and bifold wallets. However, don’t wait too long because the watches are limited-edition and once they’re gone, there’s no telling when you’ll get another chance to get … Read more

Pokemon Journeys Episode 116 PV teases Lance vs Diantha, the next major clash between Champions

Pokemon Journeys series official poster

Pokemon Journeys is now halfway through the World Coronation Series’ last Masters Tournament. The promo for the next episode in Japan is revving up for the next massive showdown between Champions! The latest episode airing in Japan had started things off with the first match of this long-awaited tournament between the top eight trainers of … Read more

Pokemon Season 25 release date: Pokemon Ultimate Journeys streaming on Netflix U.S. in May 2022

Pokemon Logo

The Pokemon Season 25 anime TV series will be released internationally on Netflix on May 28, 2022. Pokemon Ultimate Journeys will be a direct sequel to the 24th season, Pokemon Master Journeys. The announcement was made on the official website on May 11, 2022. Pokemon Season 25 will also be available on Corus/TELETOON in Canada. … Read more

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys trailer reveals first look at Pokemon Season 25 World Championship Tournament battles

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu

Pokémon Ultimate Journeys’ new teaser teases the tense battles that Ash, Leon, Cynthia, and the other World Championship candidates will encounter. The stakes are higher than ever for Ash as he works towards his goals in the forthcoming Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series. Pokemon Season 25 of the animated series will premiere later this year … Read more

Pokemon Legends Arceus: Yuki Hodo Kishi Futaai Episode 2 release date on Pokemon YouTube channel in June 2022

Akio and Zorua

Pokemon Presents, a streaming event that takes place on Sunday (Pokemon Day), announced that the Pokemon Legends Arceus game will have a three-episode online anime series. Episode 1 debuted on May 18, 2022. Watch Pokemon Legends Arceus: Yuki Hodo Kishi Futaai Episode 1 here: At the end of the first episode, it was revealed that … Read more

Pokemon Journey’s final returning champions Steven and Alain are hyped in a new poster

Pokemon monsters released visual

Pokemon‘s final returning champions are hyped in a newly released poster by a popular Japanese magazine. Pokémon Journeys is bringing back some major players in the world’s coronation series. This exciting news came from the release of special new posters in Japan. This hyped up the final return of these champions, Steven and Alain. They … Read more