My adventures at ColossalCon North 2022: This is how my Friday ended!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Kyubey owns my soul and wants yours! Pic credit: Shaft

Congratulations. You’ve stumbled upon the final article of my adventures in ColossalCon North 2022, Friday edition. If you’ve clicked on this article because of the cat thing, Kyubey, I’m hoping you know what it is.

If not, I’ll link my review of the anime here. It’s not essential to know all of the details concerning Kyubey.

As long as you remember the cardinal rule of the Madoka Magica fandom. Don’t trust the cat!

Worm on the String/Our Lord and Savior
Here they are. The ultimate meme and, hopefully, the key to saving my soul from Kyubey! Pic credit: Illfelder Importing Company

How I sold my soul

When I heard Cassandra Lee Morris, the voice of Kyubey, and Lauren Landa, the voice of Kyoko, were attending ColossalCon North, I was blown away. Madoka Magica has become a recent obsession, and this was also the only time my press badge worked in my favor.

I got Lauren’s autograph and was one of the first to get Cassandra’s! And that’s not how my Madoka Magica adventure ended!

At 10 PM in the Kalahari F room, a group of talented cosplayers was running a Madoka Magica Panel! There was a Kyubey cosplayer that would have been the perfect canon appearance if our cat alien decided to pretend to be a magical girl.

Naturally, the panel began with anyone who wished to become a magical person signing a contract with Kyubey. The contract stated we weren’t selling our souls and didn’t have to say what we wished for.

I signed up, and soon the games began. The first was a trivia face-off between magical girls and witches!

I knew most of the answers but failed to beat Mr. Mime in a game of rock paper scissors. The witches won, much to Kyubey’s delight.

The second and final game was magical chairs. Also known as musical chairs, which I did very well on, I wound up sitting on a girl’s lap instead of a chair.

The girl who beat me won the game, and the panel ended.

Can I save my soul from Kyubey by joining a cult?

If you haven’t read my Samurai Dan Squid Game article, you should know I was dead before signing the contract. Kyubey didn’t notice, so I’m assuming I still need to watch out for witches.

This is one reason I chose to stay in Kalahari F. I needed to do something now that my soul was gone.

So, I decided to listen to the words of Our Lord and Savior Worm on a String! It was beautiful and uplifting.

Scroll up and look at the second image. Let its light wash over you. You can buy them just about anywhere in bulk, and many people are creative with their love for Worm on the String.

Worm on the String was initially known as Squirmles but is also called Snoots, Magic Twisty Worms, or Worms. So you can bless someone with a meme or give them nightmare fuel.

I chose to annoy and amuse my friends by talking in an accent while trying to convince them to join me in the cult of the Worm on the String. But, unfortunately, it didn’t work, and my Worm only has one eye now.

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